Goodbye June


I am having trouble believing that it is the last day of June today, where did the month go? June’s weather has been awful and people are really shocked when we do have a sunshine.

I have not finished reading a book this month due to us having Emily our Grandaughter move in, she came with boxes of clothes,toys and books, she has a love of books which I so pleased about, and they all needed to be sorted out. we are now getting all the stuff together to creat her a cute bedroom.

I have watched a lot of kids tv and Disney films since Emily has been here, I have a good collection as I have Grandchildren and I know on rainy days movies and popcorn are a great way of keeping small kids occupied for an hour. I have not watched many new releases but the other night John and I watched Taken with Liam Neeson, I have seen it once before and think it is a great film, I loved him in Love Actually, he is such a good actor.

I have been watching Made in Chelsea and just as I was with The Only way Is Essex I am afraid I am hooked. I don’t think Made in Chelsea is as good as TOWIE but I would have a major hissy fit if I missed an episode, I need to know if Caggie will come back and be with Spencer (don’t like him but I know he loves her)

I have to do the school run again after all those years of doing it with my three boys,play dates and parties and after school clubs.She has a better social life than me! Last night I decided to get organised so I got my monthly planners for the remaining months and filled in the events and things I know are happening, I have school letters with dates of outings,concerts,end of term and beginning of term etc and filled in the planner, then put all my events in and all my to do’s too. I am a list person and if I see it on paper it helps.I repeated this for the rest of the year and put in dates that I know and things I had planned for the Summer to keep Emily busy.

In August I am 50….OMG the bloody big 50! John and I are going away for my Birthday to the Cotswolds, I am not having a party, finances won’t allow it and even if we could afford a big bash I don’t think I would want to. My Mum is taking me to Chester and then Cheshire oaks shopping village at the end of July for my Birthday which will be nice.

I have been browsing my recipe books for Summer recipes, I need to write a meal plan, I do weekly ones but am trying to do a monthly one but it is really hard for me. I love to try new things and I do try one or two new recipes a month. I have a book by Bill Granger the Aussie chef and he has some really simple recipes for good Summer meals and I am going to give them a try.

I am off to get my food shopping list done, we food the main shop on a Friday night when Emily goes to her Dad’s for the weekend, the last thing she wants is to be dragged round Morrison’s on a Friday night.

school tomorrow, Emily has had a tummy bug and was off for three days, the teachers were on strike today but school is open as normal tomorrow and she is well enough to go, sad she misses her sports day.

Hope you will come back soon x Dawn


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