Sunny Sunday


I opened the curtains this morning to be greeted by sunshine, very rare round these parts of late. I hurried to the utility room and my poor washer has not stopped all morning, I have at least 6 loads of washing drying on the line. I saw the forecast for the weekend and waited till I saw the sunshine with my own eyes before getting a weeks worth of laundry done in one go. the downside being the pile of ironing I will be doing tonight. I am never satisfied!

Emily is out all day with her Dad and she is going to a Princess and Pirate’s party today. John is at this moment cleaning the patio furniture as we are having a BBQ lunch. We will have honey and mustard coated sausages, lemon and thyme chicken and steak, John will also have a burger as, no matter what I decide to cook on the barbie he insists on a burger with a slice of plastic cheese melted on top ( yuk) , we will also have salad and baked potato with sour cream and chive and corn on the cob, a big plate full I agree and I am not counting calories, but it takes us quite a while to get through it all, John will wash it down with cold lager and I will have some chilled refreshing Bucks fizz, I really don’t fancy wine today…I must be coming down with something?

My dear friend Karen has a little girl Abi who has Down syndrome , she is four and today is in Birmingham Children’s Hospital having her tonsils removed, thinking of them all today and hope she makes a speedy recovery and then perhaps they can sort her eating out. Abi had a fear of food, she has since being weaned  she has only eaten stage 1 no lumps baby food, she is four and a big girl and has 3 jars of savoury and then 4 pots of yogurt for each meal ! she refuses to eat anything else,she is seeing a dietician and one they have sorted her tonsils she may be willing to swallow lumps, her tonsils were huge, Karen has been waiting for some time to get them done so Abi can begin her therapy sessions.It may take a while because she can be very stubborn. I hope in the next few months she will be trying different foods. Karen is at her wit’s end.

I am planning stuff to do with Emily in the summer holidays and want to spend as much time as I can doing different activities, I need to plan ahead and get housework done in the evening when she is in bed, trouble is my time management skills are zero. I am such a time waster , I get up in the morning with lists of stuff to do yet once Emily is at school I come back and put the kettle on for coffee and can waste two hours on the computer, I write lists of stuff I want to get done and my diary is full of to do stuff, looking back on all the stuff I did not get done at the end of the week  is the norm for me, I am getting into a routine with Emily and have everything ready so mornings can be as relaxed as possible, well as relaxed as they can be with a five-year old running around can be, we get up, have drinks, I make Emily breakfast and put on kids tv, I jump in the shower , brush teeth and  get dressed, make up, brush hair, then Emily comes up and brushes her teeth and has her face washed, she gets dressed and we go downstairs I do her hair whilst she watches her tv shows and then I leave her watching tv whilst I run upstairs, dry and straighten my hair. I then get her lunch out of the fridge (done the night before) grab coats, her lunch bag and book bag and we are ready to go. when she is school I tidy up, washing, dishwasher but not much else , I fetch her from school when she comes back she plays whilst I prepare the meal, we eat , I tidy up then we do her reading, words or homework and then she has a bath, brushes her teeth, puts on her PJ’s and she has a story, I then go downstairs, John in the meantime has loaded the dishwasher and makes me a coffee, now this is where I fail , I sit on the computer or watch TV and then see if anything needs ironing, make the packed lunches and go to bed. So I have wasted at least  4 hours in the day and at least 3 hours in the evening, pottering around , on facebook, twitter, reading blogs, magazines,talking to my Sister on the phone or watching tv! I want to use that time to clean the windows, bath the dog, organise my kitchen cupboards , make cards etc! how do I motivate myself f? ideas welcome !

Well whilst I try to come up with ways to make myself get off my bum and get jobs done I am off to see what John is up to and make a salad.

I hope you enjoy your Sunday.

x Dawn




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