Raising Emily


My Grandaughter Emily, who is five now lives with us from Sunday evening to friday afternoon, her Dad (my Son) has her but he works full-time so I agreed she could live here, she used to be here all the time anyway and I want to give her a stable home, she has been pushed from pillar to post and at last she has a home that she can feel safe and comfortable in, her school is just a short walk away and is in contact with all of her family.

John and I have been on our own for a while and it was quite a shock at our ages (54 John , 50 this year me) to suddenly have a lively 5-year-old 5 days a week living with us, we have had the kids to stay but over before but this is quite different.

I have the school run so no longer can I have a lie in or sit and have a relaxing coffee in my pj’s reading blogs in a morning, I have to watch the clock. I can’t spend all day out as I have to be back to pick Emily up. I have had to sort a schedule , do packed lunches, get uniforms washed and ironed, home work, reading , bath and bed times, kids food and of course we have kids TV, now I love kids and understand they have their own TV shows but OMG they drive me up the wall!

Emily is thriving, doing very well at school, excelling in reading her maths needs some work, she has friends and loves playing in the garden and chasing Alfie around the garden, cooking , colouring and cuddles. She is quite a challenge sometimes and really knows how to push my buttons, she is 5 going on 15 and it can be hard but she is loved and we can and will cope.

We are having so much fun planning her room decor and we have decided on a country cottage theme, pale pinks and greens with a mixture of plain and patterned fabric, bunting,shelving,peg rails and pictures, and she is chosing the things she wants to put in there, she is lucky to have a double room so will have her toys in there too. I am using the internet for ideas and inspiration.

The Summer holidays will be here before we know it and I have been looking on-line for ideas to keep her occupied , we are planning a picnic, swimming, the park, a tram ride, a visit to a museum ( local one has fun activities in the holidays),baking days,go to the library and a bbq lunch for her and her friends.

She is going on a school trip tomorrow and it is the first unaccompanied one, she os going to the safari park, I just hope the weather is nice for them. She is so excited. I hope all the kids have a great time .

Dawn x



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