Things I would like to do


 Silly things I want to do but never get round to doing for some reason, time,cost,John’s work or even some I have no excuse why we or I have not done yet.

This one is silly but..I want to go on a posh picnic , you know, not sarnies and sausage rolls but canapes and pink Champagne in a wonderful location just John and I, We could so easily make this happen but why haven’t we done it sooner? (M&S canapes and pink fizz).

Go horse riding, when I was young I used to ride and loved it, I asked John not long ago if he would come with me on a few lessons but want to wait until I have lost some more weight as I don’t want to have to canter around on a cart horse!

Go to Ladies day at the races and wear a fabulous hat! next year I am going to organise this, no excuses!

Ride a moped, I used to go on the back on an ex’s bike, I was 15 coming 16 and he was 18 and I used to love it, I don’t drive and it has never bothered me, I use public transport all the time and even when my 3 boys were little I took them everywhere on buses and carry shopping etc I have had a pushbike and am getting a new vintage style one for my Birthday but when my son had his moped I wanted a go but he would not let me, he said “Mum I have seen you on a pushbike there is no way you are taking my moped on the road” ….fair comment but I still want to have a go!

Write an article for a magazine and have it published, I have had loads of letters and tips ion magazines but would love to wite an article or a short story and see it in print, until you try you will never know so maybe I should try soon.

I have loads more but don’t want to bore anyone ! I have lots of more serious things I want to do and will post about that soon, my bucket list.

x Dawn




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