Back and 13lb lighter


I have not blogged for what seems like forever, mainly because I felt like I had nothing much to say ( I never stop talking in REAL life but thought my blog may be a bit boring), all I ever seem to do was moan. Anyway, I am giving it another go. Since my last post I have been sticking to the Slimming World Plan and have lost a total of 13 lb altogether, I think it is a bit slow to come off but it is coming off, I have dropped a dress size and have given bags of clothes to the charity shop as I did not want to have a safety net like I have done in the past, I hardly have any tops and I have only 2 pairs of trousers and a pair of jeans, I have a collection of clothes that I can nearly get into but don’t want to spend loads on expensive clothes that will be too big soon(very soon, I hope).

Our darling Grandaughter who is 5 years old (going on 16) has come to live with john and I , well she lives here Monday – Friday afternoon, then stays with her Daddy and his fiancée during the weekend and bank holidays when her Daddy is not working. It is a very long story but she needs stability, she sees her Mum on the odd occasion now she is back in the area, enough said about that the better. My kids are all grown up and John and I have had a few years to ourselves and have been able to come and go when we pleased but having Emily here has made quite a change to our routine, we love having her here and I know it is best for her, she is now thriving and doing well at school where she is in reception class, she loves reading and loves her nightly bedtime story. We are at the moment redecorating and giving Emily her very first proper bedroom that is all hers and she is so excited. It will be Disney Princess and full of girlie stuff which I am loving because I had three boys. Today John has been stripping the room and will be painting the woodwork tomorrow, then next weekend the wallpaper will be going on and we are off to get a carpet. She is having a new bed,wardrobes,shelving and toy boxes etc. I will post pics when it is done. here is the lady in question, Emily who will be 6 in november.

I am enjoying my Slimming world plan and trying new recipes and adapting my favourite recipes to healthier versions. I still have the odd tipple and my treat of the moment is a Curly Wurly! I do miss my wine and have substituted it with Bacardi and Diet Coke, I drink plenty of water which I struggled with for a while. I want to buy a nice dress as I am going to my Friend’s 50th Birthday in June, I know I have lots to lose but am getting out of the “when I have lost weight I will” habit, I am no longer putting my life on hold, i won’t be running any marathon but walk on the treadmill for an hour and even go swimming, I did hate people seeing me in my costume but do have a different frame of mind now, I am past caring about what people think, if they dont’ like me because of my size well tough!

I have not really had time to start a new book but will post what I am reading when I decide which book to start. I am watching re runs of cold feet whilst ironing during the week and loved the series when it was first shown on TV.

Emily is off school this week and is coming back from her Dad’s tomorrow and have planned a few things to do, one is a picnic weather permitting. I am also taking her to join the library, I am so glad she loves book, her Dad is the only one of my three boys that has a love of books and Emily’s favourite treat is a new book, last week she was so good so she was treated to a new book, she asked for We’re going on a bear hunt, she laughs out loud at the book. Her Step Mum got her a cook book for kids and when she is with her they bake and cook another love of Emily’s.

Alfie  is sitting looking at me while I am typing, he is in the dog house today, I wanted a lie in till about 8am (up at 6 every day) so he decided to cry to go out at 6.15 am, I went downstairs to let him out, he did a wee came in lay on his bed and went to sleep! I was wide awake, thanks Alfie!

I am off to look on the web for a nice maxi dress for my friends party, not sure but Gok said if you are an apple shape like me they are the best dress to go for , if Gok says it is ok then it is ok!

I hope you are still awake!

come back soon   x Dawn


2 thoughts on “Back and 13lb lighter

  1. Caroline

    SO PLEASED to have your blog back Dawn. You write like you are talking to us and I Love it. What a lucky girl has to have such a great involved grandmother and DIY grandad. Gives me a warm feeling inside as my Dad (RIP) and Mum are great fun grandparents in my only child, Karagh, a 12 year old little intelligent beauty! She’s 13 this year and new challenges await us I’m sure. My hubby Gareth works grueling shifts but when we are together we laugh. Like you I love a tipple and have to resist the beautiful Italian lager Peroni in favour of vodka and diet coke. Have swam 5 days out of 7 and my body shape has changed but the weight loss has been slow with just 17lbs lost. I have incredible tiredness cos of my under active thyroid but hopefully the further tests and meet up with my quack this week with adjust my meds to give me another lift! Have to change them every 3 months now… So pleased to see you back, you are not moaning Dawn you are just sharing yr ups and downs! We have them all Lady. I bought a Maxi and love it. Roman designs sell some beauts and they are so cheap! You can get them at TJ Hughes or in Wyvale Garden Centres of all places! Sorry if there are spelling mistakes in this post. I do them on my phone and can’t review for some reason but hope you get the jeist that I think you are FABULOUS!! keep it up honey xxxx
    Take care of you x
    Caroline your SW friend 🙂


  2. dawn060861

    Awww Caroline, you have made my day! thank you so much for your kind comments, you have done great losing that weight, sometimes we lose inches and not the weight, a girl in our SW Group is on Thyroxin(excuse spelling) and our consultant said that this is the only medication that can slow down your weightloss, she loses about 1-2lb per week and she is pleased with that. John is not that good at DIY ! he starts a job and it takes a lot of nagging to get him to finish it but this room has to be done as she has to have her own space. My Husband is drinking Italian Lager called Rossini from Aldi as I type he said it is nice, I dont like beer, I crave dry cider though and on the odd occasion indulge. I look forward to hearing about your weight loss. I am sure I will be doing loads of body magic running round with Emily this week. Speak soon x Dawn


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