Got my half stone award!


Hi, At my Thursday weigh in I lost another 1 1/2 lb my weight loss so far is 7 1/2 lb so I got my first half a stone award and sticker! I was very pleased to get the award but to be honest I wanted more….we are never satisfied. I now think that it is true the older you are the harder it is to shift the weight, I used to be able to lose half a stone in a week when I was younger!

I have cooked some nice meals and again have not been hungry, snacking on Muller light yogurt and fruit, I allow myself either a curly wurly,fudge bar or a packet of french fries every night, or I can forsake them for a glass of wine!

I went swimming last week with my Sister and will go this week too, I had not been for a while but I love to swim and missed it so much, I kept saying that once I had lost weight I would go but swimming will help burn fat and why wait? I feel like I am putting my life on hold until I have lost weight but do you know what ? no more! I have missed out on so much because of my weight and I had very low self-esteem and no confidence but enough is enough! I am me and I am trying to get fit and healthy and If you don’t like me because of my size then that is your problem not mine!

I hope to lose a stone for Easter so I had better get off my bum and get moving!

x Dawn

P.S Curly Wurly’s are not as big as they used to be!


5 thoughts on “Got my half stone award!

  1. kim

    Well done you xxx

    Its so easy this new extra easy eating plan, i’ve not be hungry once 🙂 like you a snack on the yoghurts and fruit but have been known to eat a whole sw. quiche in 1 day.

    Last week i increased my excercise and lost 3lb so was well pleased and will be trying as hard as ever this week.

    Here’s to a healthier slimmer summer xx


  2. Caroline

    Hey Dawn that’s fantastic!! I’ve been swimming like a loon for 3 weeks and got my Dtone award tonight. Very pleased after all the nights out! Like you I love swimming but hadn’t done it for ages … Get to be back in the water. 50 lengths at gym pool is 1/2 mile so I’ve managed it 3 times this week and done Zumba and an Abs class. Nice having that time to myself. Zumba is bloody brilliant. Find a class it’s do much fun.
    Got those So Juicy packets where you just throw 3 breasts of chicken in a bag throw on seasoning and bang it in the oven for 45 mins, so moist, tasty and low fat. Don’t know Syns but cans be bad as no fat added.
    Going for again this week! Considering asking the family for the dosh towards a course of 10 Personal


    • Wow Caroline you ar really going for it on thr fitness front, I am not good at exercise but am really trying really hard to get int it, I had another weigh in today and lost 1lb so that’s 81/2 lb loss since I joined a few weeks ago.
      keep up the good work : )
      dawn x


      • Caroline

        Brilliant Dawn!!! Not long till your stone. I think in 7lb targets and nothing more! Get yourself to Zumba lady!! It’s so much fun! No one is watching you as they are too busy watching the instructor!! Go girl 🙂


  3. Caroline

    Trainer sessions for my birthday for extra workouts!! Trainer is fab and we’d work well together!! Onwards and upwards lady xxxx


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