My first Slimming World Week


Ok , so I joined Slimming World last Thursday and started following the Extra Easy Plan and it is what it says, so easy! I have eaten everything I wanted to and not felt deprived of anything as I used my syns for my mayo,Revels,Bacardi,french fries etc. I loved the look of my trolley last Friday, full of fresh fruit and veg and also a few little treats. I have for the first time in ages eaten big meals and had snacks and not felt even a twinge of guilt. I sat and watched TV last night with my bag of Revels and did not have to eat them quickly on my own and hide the packet in the bin as I am supposed to be on a diet. slimming World is a totally new eating plan for life , not just a quick fix diet. My meals were big and filling and I was never hungry, there are so many free and super free foods that you never ever have to feel hungry.

This morning I went to weigh in and even though I did feel a little bloated due to the fact that I had not drunk enough water(something I am working on) I was very pleased , I lost 4lb! I have set myslef a goal of 3lb for next week as then I will get my 7lb award in 2 weeks. I love the class I attend they are a nice bunch and my Consultant Dawn is great.

I have just had 2 poached eggs on brown toast and we are having a chinese tonight, mine will be beef and mushroom with rice ( love the chunky onions and mushrooms in this dish ) all for 5 syns, the rice is a free food. I am looking forward to it.  We are out on Saturday as we have a charity function to go to and it will be a buffet, I will have a bowl of soup before we go and then pick a few items from the buffet as I am using my syns for the Bacardi!

If you saw my food diary this week you would be amazed at all the food I have eaten, a Sunday roast, bacon butties,shepherds pie,chicken stuffed with garlic and herb cream cheese, wrapped in bacon,hand made chips….yes chips,bowls full of fresh fruit ,chocolate and yet I have still lost weight. It is taking a look at how you cook the food more than what you eat, obviously if I has stuffed my face with cream cakes and pork pies it would be a different story. So I have given myself a pat on the back and am now planning next weeks meals.

Dawn x 16st 10lb 16st 6lb


4 thoughts on “My first Slimming World Week

  1. Caroline

    Hey Dawn … That’s fantastic!! Loosing weight and still having a life! Who would think it is possible !! Love your tweet about decluttering! I’ve been like that too! Out with the old in with your new life. I’ve had such a busy two weeks and couldn’t make it to class last Thursday as it was St Patricks Day!! So working extra hard this week and keeping to super speed foods and work outs at the gym! Let you know the result on Thursday of my weekend of Guiness !!! Keep it going Chick!!!


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