Went to the dogs ….


It is my darling Dad’s Birthday on Monday and my Sister asked if he would like to go anywhere to celebrate, he said he would like to go to the dog races, so Tracy ( my Sister) booked a party pack for each of us which included entry, a basket meal,2 drinks vouchers,and 2 free bets and 1 accumulator bet. so Last night we went, there were 8 of us in our party. I had been before but only in the executive boxes when we had occasions from work (used to work in an office). It was a great night and we had a few little wins. I had 2 Bacardi and diet Cokes (allowed as used syn’s) and did not have the meal, I gave mine to my Nieces bloke who is a big bloke (muscle not fat) and eats loads and I ate the salad with new potatoes I had made at home to bring with me ! how good am I, all free food! so pats on the back for me!

I had a great night and enjoyed the company, we had so many laughs and to be honest my salad looked far more appetising than the greasy fried stuff that they served in the bar! My Mum and Sister was eyeing my salad up ! we are going again soon, Dad had a great time and my poor Mum did win the last race (the 14th) ! we won about 6 races.

Today (Sunday) I am cooking a lemon and thyme chicken,new potatoes, dry roast potatoes,steamed carrots sprouts(my fave) and broccoli, I am then using my syn’s for a yorkshire pud and gravy and will have a glass of Merlot too, well you can’t have Sunday lunch without a glass of vino can you?   I am going to enjoy my guilt free lunch.Dessert will be fruit, yogurt and sugar-free jelly ( made into a trifle type pud)

I have not done much in the way of exercise as it is the time of the month and as I suffer with very heavy periods(when I have one as I am in early menopause) it is hard to exercise for the first few days, I do want to walk three times this week, swimming is out of the question, may go on my Pilates machine in the morning , I will see how I feel.

I hope you all have a great Sunday, come back soon

x Dawn


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