My Slimming World Journey


I went to a new Slimming World class with my friend K and we were so nervous, we decided to join as we both want to be slimmer and healthier, the group was really welcoming and the leader was lovely she had pictures of her before her weight loss and she was a large lady and now she is a healthy and fit size 10!  The SW plans are the same as when I went years ago for one exception, they have added a plan called extra easy and it is what is says ..easy, I was surprised that I could have so much free food! we are allowed syns to add to meals or for treats such as crisps,wine,chocolate or the odd takeaway…yes you can !!!

We joined there and then and my biggest fear was getting on those scales I had not weighed myself for a few weeks and had already dropped a dress size on my own but hit a wall, I was still quite upset at the prospect of all the weight I needed and wanted to lose.

I told John for the first time in ten years how much I weighed and he said “never? you don’t look that big”    I think he was quite shocked, because we had watched tv shows before and people losing weight etc and he always said “look she can do it and you are no way as big as she was” and I was thinking well actually I am or even well actually I am heavier !

My Mum went from a size 22 to a size 12 with slimming World years ago and has kept the weight off and she is in her 70’s now so age is not an excuse. I am 50 this August and want to be fit at 50, when I was coming 40 I said I don’t want to be fat and 40 ….I was.

So back to the SW meeting, we got our starter pack and pin number so we could log on to the website and get recipes,inspiration and blogs. I also found a few blogs and forums which I am now following .We were welcomed into the group got weighed and listened to the talk and the leader handed out awards etc, one lady had lost 8 stone and she brought an old pair of jeans and she could get into one leg! It works if you do it! you do not have to exercise for weight loss but to keep your heart healthy it is worth exercising and that is where I struggle, I have made myself a promise, to walk 3 times a week, swim once a week and do my Pilates machine twice a week, I am building up slowly to reach my exercise goal.

I need to lose 6 stone! but am doing it 7lb at a time, it seems really daunting but I know it can be done. I am a size 20/ 22 now and want to be a size 16, I have loads of size 18 stuff and I want to get into them by the summer so watch this space! 

We left the group on a very positive note and my first few ways have been good, I am constantly looking in my book for what I can eat and have been on the SW web site loads, it will soon become second nature.

 I looked at the food I wanted to eat and recipes I wanted to try and wrote a menu plan for the week and then a shopping list and my trolley looked very different to my usual trolley , old trolley…wine,crisps,cheese,cakes,salty snacks, new trolley, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables,wholegrain bread and cereals,fresh meat and lower fat treats.

I cooked Colman’s season and shake paprika chicken and veg last night and I had it with boiled rice, diced chicken breast,mushrooms,onion and peppers, put into the roasting bag and put the seasoning in give it a shake and put it in a dish in the oven and leave it for 40 mins and hey presto , tender chicken and veg in a lovely paprika sauce, it was really nice and quite low in syns (3.5) it was very filling.

I am going out the next 2 weekends , tonight it is a basket meal at the dog racing , my Dad chose the venue as it is his Birthday, so I will have soup and roll before we go, I will have a chicken meal give away my chips and eat the chicken, I will also have a treat , 2 Bacardi and diet coke, I would rather have that than the chips!  I can have SW chips ( cooked with no fat)

Next weekend we are going to the Downs support group party and it a buffet so I will decide when I am there what to eat, buffets are a lot easier and it will be 1 trip to the buffet table not the usual 3 or 4! and then again I will have a few drinks.

I am not on a diet but on a healthy eating plan. today I am looking for a badminton court that we can hire by the hour as John says he will come with me, I can’t run at all but I used to love it and hope it will give me a bit of a workout, I have also got a Wii family exercise mat and loads of games that make you move, so I will be having fun as well as exercise. I have the Arnica gel handy for all this aches and pains, it has been a while since I built up a sweat!

thanks for reading my post (sorry if I bored you to death) , I will be posting some pics in my next post , of me now (OMG) and some of the food I will be cooking etc.

please come back soon x Dawn     16st 10lb


6 thoughts on “My Slimming World Journey

  1. Caroline

    Oh this is my life .. We are probably twins from another universe. Loving SW, love socalising, have a busy life and Love food. Joined SW with a skinny mate who had just 10pm to loose but she will continue to come with me as our tutor/leader is such a top bird and soooo encouraging I TOTALLY love her. Lost 13.5 in the first 3 wks put on 2lb (arghhhhhh) 4th wk and then had 4 meals out the 5th week and had to miss class as one of the meals ( work friend 65th retirement/leaving do .. Adore him so couldn’t miss it) then Date night with skinny Hubby as he works gruelling shifts) then 2 family birthdays … Drinks too. So joined a high class gym and got to work in my lunch hour and I lost a whole 1lb after that blow out but am delighted. Ivan surrounded by slim friends and work colleagues and a fit husband, some 6 stone lighter than me and am 44yrs old. All in all I think I’m with you and will be following you … Whoever you are and apologise if there any spellings in my reply cos I can’t scroll back … But then you probably dont get answers/comments like this … But this is the first comment I’ve ever made about anything apart from a BBC show. You sound/write like my kind of chick. You are cool and we are gonna do it this time. P.s I’m the same size as you and wanna be a 16 by June. Hope we can keep in touch. I’m on Facebook too.


    • dawn060861

      Oh thank you so much for your reply, it is so nice to hear that someone is following me, I have a totally boring life and was quite surprised to get a few followers! Slimming World does work and I have to do it for health reasons more than vanity. I will e mail you and send you my facebook details and if you want to read my facebook stuff then you can do the same. have a great day x Dawn


  2. Hey Dawn, wishing you all the best on your journey to healthfulness. Doing it for yourself is the only thing that will keep you motivated and you seem to have found that mojo now! 🙂 Keep us up to date with your progress, we’re all rooting for ya!


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