Slimming World


I am starting a new Slimming World class tomorrow (Thur 10th) and am really excited about it, I am scared to get on the scales for the first time but it has to be done. I am looking forward to seeing the numbers going down and feeling better about myself and also feeling fit and healthy.

I will have to be organised and do my meal plans and shopping so I know I have everything I need to create healthy filling meals, I will be using my syns adding extras to my meals and for a few drinks on a weekend, or maybe the odd chocolate bar. I love to cook and am looking forward to discovering new recipes.

I hope you will come back and check my progress.

x Dawn


4 thoughts on “Slimming World

  1. dawn060861

    Thanks Caroline, I have been so down about my weight even though I have dropped a dress size since Christmas I have hit a wall, I am just so lazy when it comes to exercise and I know it helps. I like the slimming world plan as there is no counting calories and you eat good food and lots of it and still loose weight. I will be blooging about it and hope I have good things to blog about x Dawn


  2. yayyyy welcome to slimming world hun xxx

    I’ve now lost 9 1/2lb and just starting to feel like i’ve lost wieght. I find slimming world just great 🙂


  3. dawn060861

    Wow Kim that is great well done, I enjoyed going and the group is quite large but full of nice people : )
    x Dawn


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