I dropped a dress size whoop whoop to me !


I am giving myself a pat on the back…I dropped a dress size since the 2nd week in January ! I tried a couple of things on today that I could not fasten before Christmas and they fit! One top is a little tight on the bust but hey I can get it on : ) I have decided to ditch the scales as I was becoming a slave to them , I will still weigh myself every now and then but my goal is to be a certain size and what I weigh by then will be just a number, I want to be healthier and lower my blood pressure.

I have not been an angel , far from it, If i fancy a treat then I will have one,and I have been having my red wine, but I do try very hard to make healthy choices. The most important thing I have done is drink more water, at first I found it a struggle but it has now become second nature to have a bottle of water with me at all times.

I have not been too good on the exercise front, what is it with exercise? I am stepping it up though now as I know my weight loss will slow down soon if I don’t. I have a long way to go but all in all I am very pleased.

I am still job hunting, trying to find the right location and hours is proving tricky but have sent off a few more CV’s so I am waiting to hear if I get an interview.

I made some sugar cookie dough today and it is chilling in the fridge, I making Valentines cookies and the girls can decorate them tomorrow afternoon with white chocolate and red coloured chocolate. I think they will enjoy that.

Our baby Grandaughter Millie is due tomorrow , fingers crossed , it is exciting but nerve-racking at the same time, I hope she arrives safely. I will post pics as soon as she makes her appearance.

x Dawn


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