What I have been up to.


I have lost another 3 lb so that is 7lb so far, I have not been feeling on top form as my blood pressure was a little high and also I  have started the menopause…which makes me feel very old, I am only 49! ( 50 in August), early menopause is hereditary on my Dads side of the family my Aunts etc. I am not sorry to see the back of the monthly hell I have suffered for the past 20 years but do not feel old enough to be going through it! I never and never will act my age. I have not felt well enough for any exercise but will start again Monday.

I have been having a few duvet afternoons and catching up on a few films,some I missed when they came out and some I have seen before, I watched :

Leap Year – loved this Rom Com

The Switch – Liked the story line but could have been better, it seemed very slow to start

Couple’s Retreat – Not impressed

The Back Up Plan – Nice story

Brief Encounter – It was on TV and even though I have seen it many times I had to watch it again.

Taken – I loved this film

Marley and Me – I watched this with Emily my Grandaughter, I had tears in my eyes just like the first time I watched it, and Emily turned to me and said “Oh Nanny I have got tears in my eyes as well”

Toast – I love Nigel Slater the TV chef and really enjoyed the film adaptation of his book, he was born in the same town as me and a lot of the film was shot at the Black Country living Museum which is not far from where I live.

 I  made a few cards and helped Emily with a school project, she had to create a secret garden in a shoe box and we decorated inside and out, it was so pretty, she was runner-up out of her 2 classes and was so proud! My craft room was left in a complete mess with glitter and glue everywhere but she enjoyed it. I spent the morning cleaning and sorting out the craft room. It is quite tidy now but do not know how long it will last.

I am still job hunting , I applied for a job at a Cotton Traders store in my area and they sent me an application for a job miles away… hopeless.

Alfie was castrated last week and he also had a micro chip inserted, I hope we never have to use it but it is there just in case, he was so drowsy when he came home, when we took him back for a check up and have his stitches removed he would not go through the door of the vets ! he is fine now, I think he has forgiven me.

Tomorrow I am booking a weekend break to Dorset, either May or June , I have been saving the Sun vouchers and it will only cost about £60 (with upgrades etc) for a Friday-Monday break in a luxury static caravan, I am happy because I miss our little caravan.

I am off to bed with a glass of wine and a movie, it is called Everybody’s fine starring Robert De Nero, I hope it is good, it has been out a while but I have not seen it yet.

X Dawn


2 thoughts on “What I have been up to.

  1. Well done on the wieght loss, your doing really well 🙂 do you have a target to get to??
    Don’t blame you when it comes to the duvet days, i normally start the week full of energy but by wednesday i’m ready to watch catch up tv 🙂
    take care xx


  2. dawn060861

    Thanks Kim,I have a lot of weight to lose so I am taking it a stone at a time, I want to drop 3 or 4 dress sizes and lower my blood pressure too.
    I had no energy last week but feel much better today x Dawn


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