Weight etc


I have had a really good week and am feeling very positive , I have lost 4 lb this week and have done just two sessions on the Wii and used my Pilates machine once , I am trying really hard to get into the habit of exercise and I know it will help speed up my weight loss. I have changed to de-caff coffee and cut out all fizzy drinks in place of water, which is hard for me as I used to drink lots of diet coke.I feel a lot less bloated .  I am eating lots of lower fat meals but am no way starving, last week I weighed myself and measured bust,tummy,hips,thighs and upper arm as I will know I am toning up if those inches fall off!  I am weighing once a week and then measuring once a month.

Alfie was castrated and micro chipped yesterday so he is feeling very sorry for himself , he has to go back to the vets  Monday for a check up and his stitches a few days later ,

John is getting on with some DIY, he has loads of¬† jobs to finish around the house and the outside of the house is being painted when the weather gets better. I am sick of the rain, everywhere looks so dull , I can’t wait to see some colour in the garden again.

I am de cluttering like a crazy person, I have sorted nearly every cupboard and drawer in the house, I have stuff for e-bay and the charity shop ready I am just waiting for John to go through the last of his stuff before taking a trip to the charity shop.

I have been trying to save money on the food shop and cutting out all waste ( well as much as possible) I menu plan and buy¬†only what I need unless there is a special off that is something we need and will use. I had a few new recipe books for Christmas , I¬†now have about 37! I have made a promise to myself that I will try one new recipe every week, I have saved about ¬£20 a week since November on the food shop and know I can save even more if I bulk buy and try to but most things on offer. I do not really shop around I use Asda and Morrison’s the most as they are nearer. I sometimes do an internet shop but I love going food shopping, it is the putting away I don’t like.

We no longer buy DVD’s as soon as they come out and wait until they are ¬£5 or less and do not rent movies anymore which saves quite a bit, and I no longer buy magazines and don’t really miss them.

I have a big plastic storage box in the guest room fitted cupboard which I use for gifts and have started buying Birthday gifts for the year, I got some paper backs for £1 each at Asda and some Jaqueline Wilson book sets for £3 at Asda, I will make up gift baskets with those.

I have been collecting the Sun tokens and next week will book a long weekend in Dorset in a static caravan ( we will upgrade to a luxury one for just £15 each) it will be under £100 for a long weekend which is such a saving and I have never been to Weymouth so we are looking forward to that.

Off to get the meal done and open my bottle of wine ( JP Chenet Merlot a bargain at £3 25)

X Dawn


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