Things to look forward to this year.


I am not going to look back on the crap year we had last year ,instead I am looking forward to loads of great things that are happening in the family this year. In February we have a baby Grandaughter due, I am 50 (shush don’t tell anyone) in August and my youngest Son is getting married in December.

 I have a list of things I want to get done/achieve/read/places to visit etc, the list is getting longer and I have given myself quite a lot to do but I love having something to look forward to even if it is having a good read or planning a trip or a walk or a craft project. I am very much a list person and find it so satisfying crossing off jobs done or book read or card made.

We have a few rooms to decorate this year, the hall and stairs need another coat of paint,the guest bedroom needs painting and new curtains and I want new wardrobes, I have a lovely brass bed in there and I got some really nice bedding,half price  in the Debenham’s sale , the colour scheme is aubergine and cream. I also want to repaint my bedroom in the same colours as we have know which are Egyptian sand  (a goldish colour) and cream, my bed is a cream metal and the bedding is gold and cream, we need a new carpet and light fitting in there. I need new flooring in the bathroom and new carpet in the hall,stairs and 2 of the 3 bedrooms, the 3rd bedroom is small and use it as an office/craft room.

We need a new front lawn, tidy up the back garden and the biggest project will be to repaint the outside of the house, it was going to be done last year but for financial reasons it did not get done.

I was given a really nice Merlot  for Christmas so I think I will have a glass and have Gok’s book to finish so I am off, cheers !

x Dawn


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