Happy New year


I hope everyone had a good Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year.

I do not make New Years resolutions as I know I will break them come February, this year however I have made an exception. Not so much as a resolution but a promise to myself, I will be 50 in August and I am overweight and very unfit, this is the year I change all that, I want to be slimmer but healthier too. I want to lower my chances of having a heart attack or stroke and would love to be able to shop in any clothes shop and not have to buy something because it fits anymore.I want to be healthy and happy and knowing I am healthioer and fitter will make me happy.

January 8th is my starting date and I am going to be keeping a record of inch loss and weight loss as well as log any exercise done, I am not joining a gym as the thought of that makes me feel sick. I will using my Pilates machine,walking and swimming and also playing fitness games on the Wii. I will also at some point buying a bike and finding a badminton court that we can hire (we being John and myself,although he does not know it yet).I am also going to be posting photos every month. I am going to be eating good healthy food with an occasional treat.

So whatever you decide to do or change in 2011 I know and you know you can do it.

x Dawn


5 thoughts on “Happy New year

  1. dawn060861

    Thank you, I say it every year three times a year but it is for health rather than vanity now , blood pressure was very high at the last reading and I want to get that down and my weight is not helping.
    x Dawn


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