Movie homes I love


In my previous post I was talking about a blog I was reading that inspired this fun post.

Here are some of the houses from the movies that I would love to live in, they are in no particular order they are all beautiful.

Rosehill cottage from The Holiday, I was so sad to learn this beautiful little cottage was built for the film and all that stonework was in fact fibreglass!

The Home Alone house, wow this is an amazing house, I love the front door and the shutters on the windows. look at the size of it!

The Father of the bride house, just perfect! I would love to love in this house it is so pretty.

The amazing house from the movie House Sitter ….wow!

I know this is not a movie but I am in love with Gabby’s House from Desperate Housewives, oooh it is just too cute, Imagine sitting on the porch with a nice glass of wine !

Well one can dream, a far cry from my 3 bed semi !

x Dawn


2 thoughts on “Movie homes I love

  1. dawn060861

    It was hard to choose, I did not know Rosehill cottage was not real until I read a post about it, they built it in weeks out of wood and fibre glass and even the garden wall and trees are not real, I had to watch the film and kept pausing it to have a look! I loved that cottage too LOL
    X Dawn


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