Christmas is here…already?


Where has this year gone ?, in 10 days it will be Christmas day? We have had a terrible year and if it was not for the sale of our beloved  (but old) caravan we would be absolutely broke,we sold at the right time as we got a decent price.We are working hard to reduce our out goings and upping our income and have managed to speak to our creditors and put into place payment plans which will reduce the interest and monthly payments so we can get back on track.

We have been getting some of the DIY done and still have some jobs upstairs to finish after Christmas and then we are trying to get some new stair and bedroom carpet in the sales in January. We are looking forward to spending Christmas with our family and love it as our Grandchildren are getting so excited about Santa coming soon!

I went to see Emily in her school nativity, she was a lamb and had to sit by one of the shepherd’s during the play, the whole infant department were involved and it was so sweet to see all the little angel’s,stars,kings etc and of course Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus.

John is so slow at DIY and is in the habit of starting a project,buying all the stuff and then not finishing it but he did a brilliant job of my kitchen trolley, it was just a plain wooden trolley from Ikea and was sitting under the stairs being used as storage for whatever stuff we threw under there, after a few coats of paint and some varnish he turned it into a beautiful piece of kitchen furniture.

trolley before

After makeover , 1 coat of primer, 2 coats of cream paint and 2 coats of varnish

Dressed with my Gingerbread men/baking stuff, I love it.

My Son helped to finish the wallpaper and put up my coffee cup (Argos).

The wallpaper is on the feature wall of my kitchen/diner and looks a lot better than the in this photo

I have been spending time looking after these little monkeys, Mason is growing so fast.

A picture of one of the portrait photo’s of Emily, Keah and baby Mason

I have been for a check up and even though I am taking meds for high blood pressure my blood pressure is a bit on the high side (stress) and I have put on some of the weight I had lost (comfort eating). I have been doing some research and the best diet to prevent heart attacks and strokes is the South Beach diet which along with an exercise regime I will be starting in January, new year new start and all that.

We are spending Christmas day at my parents, Boxing day vegging in front of the TV and then I have an open house for all my family on the Monday after Christmas. I am really looking forward to spending time with John and our family, John has 11 days off so we are planning to take some nice walks with the dog, a nice meal out and relaxing before he starts back to work.

I am planning to make Gingerbread men for the children this weekend and my new oven has been delivered today, I have been struggling all year with using just the small top oven as my main oven broke, I got a good deal on it , I got it from the Boots website, I saved £35 on the price and got boots points which almost pays for the delivery!

My lovely new oven!

x Dawn


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