I have a job!


I have had some good news I have a job, part-time in TJ Hughes a department store in town just a short bus ride away. I had a letter yesterday and I had to log on to a training site and do a couple of hours on-line stuff like health and safety, age restriction laws, customer service and other stuff and I had tests at the end and I got 100% on all of the modules. I am looking forward to the training day on Saturday and then I start properly next week.

I have always worked in retail, the job is never boring and no two days are the same, I know some customers can get a bit miffed about certain situations but a smile and an apology often goes a long way, I treat people how I would like to be treated.

Things are looking up, we have sold the caravan and we think we got a decent price as it was getting on in years! I will miss it but ut had to be done, John may have a better job in the new year we are paying off our debts slowly and had a little cheque in the post we had a refund from VOSA just £75 but it paid a bill .

I am looking forward to being debt free and savings in the bank, I have been meal planning which is saving us an average of £60 a month! I have not thrown anything away and we are eating a lot better too. I have not missed all the extra channels as we never watched hardly any of them anyway , I do miss my magazines but have found online magazines I can read for free! 

I have been de cluttering like there is no tomorrow and it feels good to know what you have and where it is, I was shocked to see just how much stuff I had, I got a few boxes and bags out the bottom of my wardrobe and was ashamed of the creams, lotions and potions I had, why did I keep buying this stuff when I had enough to open my own shop! I have got rid of the half used and forgotten creams etc and now know I do not have to buy body wash, body lotion and other beauty products for at least a two years! I must have spent a fortune on all of it. It is now sorted and put away neatly!

I had 2 more  bags of this!

I have been making my own muffins one of my favourite breakfast muffins were my banana ones…yum

These are Big muffins and very filling and tasty.

I also made my own meringues, ok they are cracked and not perfect looking but they were crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle…to me they were perfect.

I am proud of these !

the weather here is terrible so I am off to make a start on de cluttering my craft stuff….it could take a while!

x Dawn


6 thoughts on “I have a job!

  1. dawn060861

    Thanks Caroline, we are doing really well at cutting back on stuff and to be honest we have been very wasteful in the past. We have had a wake up call!
    x Dawn


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