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I have a job interview on Friday it only a part-time job but it is a job and if I get my foot in the door I will ask for extra hours and responsibility.

I am going to be helping put a smile on a sick childs face this Christmas I have been sent a link for you send cards and letters to sick children and their families and even gifts if you want to. Fern Cotton is the Patron. I am volunteering to be a Reindeer which means you send cards or letters in run up to Christmas helping the Reindeer who can’t write, for example” The workshop is getting busy now”, and “all the Reindeer have had new coats to keep us warm in our stables” and “we have been practising our take off and landings we can’t wait to take off and fly over all the roof tops with Santa’s sleigh full of toys and gifts for everyone” etc. I think it so worthwhile. I went on the website and sobbed!   I am counting my blessings and even though money will be every tight this year it does not cost a lot to make someone smile!

There are lots of children and their families coping with illness, some terminal who are confined to the home or stuck in hospital for long periods of time and feel isolated, to get a note,card or letter brightens up their day and they know someone is out there rooting for them.

You get a profile of the children and siblings,what the children can and can’t do and what their illness is etc and you can base some of the letters on the info you get ,s o if they for instance like Harry potter or Sponge Bob  you can mention them in your letter.

I am waiting for an e-mail from them to confirm the details and in December I will get started,it is not just a Christmas scheme you can pick any one or a number of children to send presents, cards or letters to all through the year. I can’t wait to get started.

My Grandson Callum who is now 6 was born by emergency C-section when his Mum had pre- eclampsia and was very ill, they could have both lost their lives, Callum has Cerebal Palsey but looking at him you would not know it he does have a slight limp and limited use in his hands, he also has hemiplegia and epilepsy and although he has been through a lot he could have been so much worse. seeing these poorly kids makes you realise just how lucky you are.

 Dawn x


2 thoughts on “My news

  1. Well done for doing this, Dawn – I had a look at the website a year or so ago, but am ashamed to say I couldn’t deal with it at all, upset me too much. My niece has cerebral palsy, too – she was born very early and has had several operations on her legs, none with much success so far, sadly.


  2. dawn060861

    The website is hearbreaking thank God we have healty children, I sobbed reading the stories last night .
    x Dawn


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