It never rains…..


I have not blogged for ages and to be honest I would have depressed the heck out of anyone who read it, things have not been going well for us for a while , John had his own business and has been struggling to find work and so he has now ceased trading, he is now bringing home 1/3 of his earnings and it has been a struggle. He had no work for about  7 out of 12 months and it was just getting impossible so he had to make the decision and after 25 years of being self-employed he is now an employee, at least he has a job. I am now looking for a part-time job, I have a dog and can’t leave him all day, I have arranged for him to be let out at least once during the 4 hours I will be out at work, I am sending my CV out and filling in application forms, I am looking for retail work. I do not want temporary work but if all else fails I would have to consider it.  John has shingles and is in agony! he has had it twice this year , I feel for him he is so sore and itchy and he said it is so painful.

My dishwasher has packed in, I am washing up by hand , no big deal, then my main oven broke so I have been resigned to cooking in the top oven, it is a pain, it is the grill/oven and is so small just one shelf,  we may be able to replace the oven in a month or so. My washer broke but thank Goodness we had insurance on that.

It seems like we are just getting on our feet and something comes along to knock us back down! I am so sad we have to sell our caravan (our little getaway) it is on a pitch at the moment, but we have to take it off next weekend, we may already have a buyer. We have to sell because we can’t really afford the pitch or storage fees at the moment, we have promised ourselves that next year when we get back on our feet (fingers crossed) we will try to get a nice little motor home and tour the country.

We have never been this broke and it is a shock to the system when we had enough money to have a nice life, we now run out of money on a Wednesday and for 2 days I had to sit in 2 cardigans because we could not put any gas on the meter! how embarrassing! we try not to wallow in it and look and feel positive but when you have literally got 17p in your pocket and have no food or gas then it makes you think how lucky we were and took things for granted! never again!, we were so wasteful and would not think twice of having 2 good holidays and go away every weekend, pub meals,takeaways and spend on credit cards without thinking because we could always pay them off or at least a large chunk of the balance every month.

We have contacted people we owe money to (credit card people , the bank etc) and they have been so good and set up payment plans so we pay off what we owe at a  more affordable amount, so until I get a job to help out a little we have o watch every penny.

I have been meal planning and eat well on a very tight budget, watch the use of electricity and gas as we have a pre pay meter, I have reduced the TV/phone and broadband etc to the bare minimum and I am trying to get stuff together to sell on e-bay. We will get through this , we lived on our savings for 7 months plus and have no money we will pay off our credit cards and never use them again! if we have not got the cash to buy it then we won’t. I have told friends I can’t afford to buy christmas presents this year as we have 26 family members to buy for and we are finding it a struggle, they were lovely about it. I have told my kids that we are cutting down and the Grandchildren are getting a main present and a pair of pj’s and that is it.  We stay in every night but do go for a walk with the dog to get some fresh air.

I am positive I will be working very soon even part-time work will bring money in to help pay bills or buy food. I am alive, as healthy as I can be and have a roof over my head so I know I am better off than a lot of people, I am counting my blessings.

I just hope John gets over the shingles fast he is in agony!

I have been picking up loads of money-saving tips from  a brilliant site.

X Dawn


3 thoughts on “It never rains…..

  1. Dawn! How have I only just read this?

    I’m so sorry to hear the problems you’re going through – it really is a tough time for everyone, isn’t it?

    It’s also good to hear that despite it all you’re keeping as positive as possible, because that’s the best way you can get through it. One day you’ll look back at this period of your life and think of all the things this little episode has taught you (valuing health, having family, counting your blessings and not being so wasteful).

    Big hugs and I hope your husband’s shingles has gone


  2. dawn060861

    Thanks Kat, it has taught me how wasteful we have been in the past and how unprepared were were , we are working on paying off our debts saving and being more prepared for these kinds of things. You are right we are counting our blessings x Dawn


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