Milk Eggs Vodka


Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists lost and found a book by Bill Keaggy published by How Books 2007. I have to get this book. I am so nosey and I was reading a post on a Christmas site I am a member of and on the chat page someone said that they loved finding lists in trolleys at the supermarket and always reads them, I had to laugh as a few days ago I posted on twitter that I love to find them and always read them and asked if this was weird. I then Googled other people’s grocery lists and came across this site  it is full of funny and weird genuine shopping lists  and that is where I found about the book.

If you are as nosey as me you may enjoy this book and as soon as I get it I will write a review of it.

Here are a couple of lists I borrowed from the web.


I know some people will think it is quite weird but I am just nosey !

x Dawn


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