Christmas plans


My gift list seems to be growing by the day, I have a few gifts but am very behind,here is my list and it will be updated as I get more gifts, it is qute daunting!

  • Mum ????
  • Dad DVD Book
  • John Cd DVD ????
  • Ashley Clothes
  • Tanya Boots gift set wine
  • Emily Dolls House Pyjamas sweets
  • Keah Easel Pyjamas sweets
  • Mason playmat outfit baby book
  • Lucy Toy trolley with hoover and sweeping brush and dusters Pj’s sweets
  • Craig Clothes
  • Kirsty boots gift set
  • Steven Clothes
  • Catherine Boots gift set
  • Summer Dolls house Pj’s sweets
  • Grace Toy trolley with hoover brushes etc Pj’s sweets
  • Charlotte lip gloss
  • Bethany craft stuff
  • Chloe craft stuff
  • Callum Ben 10 toy, Pj’s sweets
  • Jak Ben 10 toy Pj’s sweets
  • Andrea Boots gift set
  • Sarah Money
  • Dave Money
  • Lee Money
  • Lyndsay Money
  • Ruby Toy
  • Katelyn Toy
  • Alfie dog chocs

Phew, there are quite a lot to get and I am trying to make it easy for myself for giving moneyor gift tokens and there is always 3 for 2 at boots too and they have some nice gift sets at Christmas. I do not feel like I have even made a dent in my list and have to get cracking as I want to get them all wrapped for the end of November.

I ordered my gift wrap,tags and cards from Studio because I do not make cards for Christmas as we have so many to send.

X Dawn


2 thoughts on “Christmas plans

  1. Helen

    Hi Dawn, I STILL have not got round to ordering my Xmas paper – I too have the Studio catalogue. I quite fancy the Party Animal snowflakes wrap for my daughters things 🙂 Did you get the sale leaflet in the post from them? xxx


  2. dawn060861

    Yes I did, I just got Mason a baby’s first Christmas stocking it is so cute, i got every one of the Grandchildren one when they were born.
    I had loads of stuff over the years, I have had some kids design paper and tags as they are so cute, I also ordered Christmas cards, I am not making them this year I have too many to send. x


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