Friday five – favourite items in your wardrobe


I am going through a bit of a rough time emotionally at the moment  for lots of reasons (long and boring story) and do not feel good about myself so when I saw this topic for the Friday five I thought oh no! I hate a lot of my clothes as I got them because they fit me and not because they look good and I do not feel good in any of them so I will write about what I wear the most often.

1. Black boot cut trousers, a must as they are black and they are supposed to be slimming, I have 6 pairs of these in my wardrobe 4 in a short length to wear with my flattish shoes , pumps and sandals and 2 in a medium length to wear in the evening with a high heel shoe or boot.

2. Cropped denim jeans, these saw me through the bit of summer we had and looked ok with t-shirts or tunic tops and my trusty flip-flops

3. John Rocha  jeans, the boot cut and mid blue denim jeans look ok with lots of different tops and jackets and I wear them all year round, they fit me the best and are comfortable.

4. 3/4 sleeved black cardigan, this is an ideal cover up and goes over a lot of my tops and t-shirts , I wear it a lot

5. A cream short length mac , I wear this a lot, it is n0t as smart as a Jacket but I put it on to go shopping and when the weather is like it has been it is ideal for those showery days, it goes with anything and was a bargain too, Gok said every girl should have a Mac of some sorts in their wardrobe!

x Dawn


2 thoughts on “Friday five – favourite items in your wardrobe

  1. Hi Dawn, sorry to hear you’re feeling a bit down. Must be something in the water (or the rain!) because I was feeling a bit blue recently too. Hopefully you’ll feel better soon and if not, us girls here on the blogs/twitter are here for you!

    Totally agree with the Gok about the mac! 🙂



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