Friday 5 – favourite things to cook


Ohhhh how hard is this I LOVE to cook (and eat) here goes …

1. My Roast chicken Sunday lunch , I stuff butter,garlic,lemon zest and fresh thyme under the skin and stuff lemons,garlic and thyme inside the cavity, I serve it with Roast potatoes,potatoes Dauphinoise,vegetables,stuffing and gravy it is always a hit.

2. Thai green curry and fragrant rice , I love the coconut and coriander and the zingy spritz of lime , John is not keen on coconut but I love it.

3. My triple mash topped cottage pie, I cook the beef,veg etc and sauce in the slow cooker for hours until it is melt in the mouth and then transfer it into an oven proof dish and top it with mashed potato,swede and carrot and a touch of butter and cream and a pinch of fresh grated nutmeg…..this is making me hungry!

4. Mexican food any combination of Mexican food, I love dippy type food and having big bowls of stuff to dig in to. I am not a fan of too much heat but I can do Mexican.

5. Peppers stuffed with roasted vegetable couscous and Feta cheese drizzled with a little oil. These make a good starter or a light supper dish and an excellent side dish, I love cooked Feta and like the textures and colours of this dish.

These are every day dishes that I love to cook for John and I and my Kids love my Roasts, they sulk if they don’t get an invite.

x Dawn


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