Friday 5 – Christmas wish list


I am going into hospital this morning to have 4 teeth removed after years of infection after infection and one tooth has been filled so many times it has now crumbled! I will read your blogs tomorrow ladies as they are knocking me out and I am not sure how I will feel when I get home.

I could write a book but had to pick 5 so here are mine

1. A Kitchen aid Mixer in cream to match my kitchen – I have wanted one of these for years and have never got one, can I justify the cost when all it does is mix?  I love the look of it more than anything and it would look lovely sitting on my kitchen work top!

2. A Cricut die cutting machine – this would be used every day for my crafting projects and has lots of cartridges you can do a whole host of cutting projects with it, it is a want as well as a need and would happy to find that in my Christmas stocking.

3. A Pair of black suede boots – Mine have seen better days, I have had them years and would love a new pair.

4. Molton brown Products – any product, any fragrance, I love Molton brown. John always gets me at least one product for my Christmas stocking.

5. A Waterstone’s gift card – I love reading and would be delighted to get a gift card.

Thanks for looking x Dawn


4 thoughts on “Friday 5 – Christmas wish list

  1. Oooh, love those boots! Hope Santa’s reading! 🙂 I got some Molton Brown stuff for the first time last year and have been addicted ever since.

    My Fri 5 will be up later this avo!

    Kat x


  2. Good luck with the op Dawn. Had to laugh, i’ve just posted my Friday Five and came over to check both our no. 1’s are the same!! 🙂 I like to browse their site and dream!


  3. hollyjune

    Great list Dawn! Everyone on my list is commenting about how much they love their kitchenaids which is making me want one even more!

    Hope your op went ok xxx


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