Friday 5 – 80’s Movies


I love movies and found this so hard again as there are so many I loved then and still do. I have enjoyed doing this post though , here are my 5 :

1. Back to the Future 1985

I loved the Back to the Future Trilogy. Starring Micheal J Fox as Marty McFly ( where the name of the group McFly came from) sent from 1985 to 1955 in a Delorean by the mad scientist Dr.Emmett Brown played by the brilliant Christopher Lloyd. I loved the story line and think the sequels were just as good. This film is so funny and very clever, I still enjoy watching these three brilliant movies.

2. When Harry Met Sally  1989 

 I loved the storyline , Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal play Harry and Sally,they travel together when they leave college and then meet up sometime later and they become friends and at the end lovers, there is a famous scene in the movie the “I’ll have what she is having” scene and it was so funny. This film is one of my favourite romantic comedies.

3. E.T 1982

A group of Children find and be-friend and alien E.T and try to help him return home, Starring Drew Barrymore. This film made my boys cry! I loved the idea of the kids making friends with E.T and there were some very funny scenes also some sad ones too, it was not one of my favourite films but I did enjoy it, it was one of my boys favourites.

3. Rain Man 1988

What a moving film! Dustin Hoffman  plays an Autistic man,Raymond Babbitt who is found in a mental institution by Charlie Babbitt played by Tom Cruise who discovers he has a Brother when his Millionaire father dies and leaves all of his estate to Raymond, Charlie finds out that Raymond has superb recall and tricks him into using his talents to rip off casinos, Charlie wants to get Raymond to sign over the fortune to him, as the film goes on Charlie begins to understand Raymond and tries to protect him, in the end he does not even think about the money he fights for custody of his Brother,this film was amazing and if you have not seen it you have to watch it.

5. Big 1988

I loved this movie I thought it was brilliant, 12-year-old Josh Baskin,played by Tom Hanks is humiliated at a fairground by a girl and sees a Zoltar Speaks machine , you tell Zoltar your wish he grants it, Josh asks to be big. The next day he wakes up in the body of a 30-year-old man , his Mother thinks Josh has been abducted , Josh contacts his best friend Billie and he helps him check into a hotel room. The two of them realise what has happened and decide that Josh needs a job. He applies for a job in an office of a toy making company and when the boss sees how enthusiastic Josh is about the toys he gives him a job that would be every kids dream a Toy tester. Josh loves his new job, he then meets Susan and they fall in love, Josh misses his family and tells Elizabeth but she does not believe him and then Josh decides to try to find a Zoltar machine and make another wish, he then returns home. There is a famous scene in the film where Josh and the boss of the toy company play on a giant key board in a toy store, the scene is really clever.

 I could go on forever and a day, so many great movies me released in the 80’s. Dawn x


5 thoughts on “Friday 5 – 80’s Movies

  1. Pam

    Do you know, i’ve never seen Rain Man! Some good films though i’d go for – The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Back to the Future, Beetlejuice & Nightmare on Elm Street!! 🙂


    • dawn060861

      Hi Pam, why not join the Friday 5 ? next few weeks topics are
      this week – movies from the 80’s
      next week – What is on your Christmas wish list ( you will love that one)
      following week – Favourite meals to cook
      go on we would love to have you join in
      Dawn x


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