My Grandaughter Emily is now back living with her Dad ( my Son) again after being with her Mum for a while ( very long story) she is now 4 and is growing fast, her Mum sent her a few items of clothing but lots did not fit so my Son has been getting her bits and bobs along the way, including shoes etc. I took her shopping and went into Primark and was amazed to see the prettiest little t-shirts with glittery slogans on for just £1, ideal for little ones to play in and saving the more expensive items to go out in as they get covered in stuff throughout the day. I got her 5 and her Sister 5 and then saw denim shorts with little scarf style ties in pretty pinks etc for £5 and leggings 2 pairs for £2.50, packs of socks for £1.50 10 pairs of knickers for £2.50 , if I had gone to Mothercare or any other large store it would have cost three times as much to buy all those items.


I also picked up a pretty crystal and pearl bracelet set for a friend’s Daughter and it was only £3 , pearls are all the rage now and I think she will like them. I am glad I had a look in there now.

Dawn x


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