Friday 5 – most regretted purchases



Here are my 5 – this was a hard 5!


1. A sewing machine, I had not used one for years but about ten years ago I decided to buy one and I planned to make my own curtains and soft furnishings, I even got a pattern and material to make myself a skirt, the machine came out when I had a test run on a scrap of fabric and that was that it has nor seen the light of day since.


2. A years Gym membership, a new gym opened up nearby and seemed quite popular, It had a swimming pool and exercise pool and 2 floors of equipment and rooms where they held classes, a friend and I decided to join, I liked to swim and that was reward for doing the circuit of machines, we even tried various classes, The novelty wore of after three months and I occasionally went for a swim but that was it, the money was taken out of my bank for the next nine months which was such a waste.

     3. A juicer, I decided to try juicing as a way of healthy eating, I got a juicer which took up so much space on my worktop and when I used it, it took ten minutes to take apart to clean, I used it about four times and it now lives in the cupboard under my oven, it was such a waste of money.

 4. I fell in love with this red suitcase with black and white pictures of Paris all over it, it came with a matching vanity case and weekend bag. It looked really classy , it was not until I got it home did I think about the weight restrictions on luggage when flying! It was so heavy, needless to say it has been used once and is not in the loft I use it for storage, another waste of money.

 5. A white Christmas tree , I decided to do away with tradition and buy a white Christmas tree and decorate the tree and living room in icy pastel colours and snowmen themed ornaments , I got icy blue and silver decorations , when it was done I hated it, It did not feel Christmassy at all and I missed the red green and gold I normally decorate with, the room seemed bare and cold,I could wait to take the decorations down and I gave them to my Son.

Thanks for stopping by x Dawn


4 thoughts on “Friday 5 – most regretted purchases

  1. Oh, I agree with the juicer!!! It got well used for a couple of months but was such an arse to clean (especially orange pulp!). Though it’s not being completely wasted, it’s sitting proudly on my work surface solely for the purpose of fooling guests that I have a healthy diet!


  2. hollyjune

    Can’t believe you don’t use your sewing machine Dawn! Even though mine isn’t used regularly I do love it. Agree about the gym membership. I joined one for a year and when I cancelled it asked how many times I’d been. Turned out I’d paid £14 per session and most of that was sitting in the jacuzzi!


  3. dawn060861

    Caroline I love the look but I love the red , gold and green theme so much, everyone else thought it looked lovley!
    just too much trouble to strip it down and so messy!
    Holly, I know I am quite crafty and love cross stitch but never took to the machine.

    Dawn x


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