Unusual beauty treatments


I was reading an article  on Yahoo about weird beauty treatments and thought I would share a few with you – WARNING – Do not read this post if eating…eeeewwww

1 Fish pedicure

A Covent Garden salon is charging £15 for a 30 minute pedicure, you emerse you feet into a tub containing hundreds of tiny fish and they suck away at your dead skin , after 30 minutes according to Cosmopolitan Magazine (23rd July ) your feet feel as soft as can be and are sandal ready! I am not sure about this one but if anyone has tried it please let me know!

2. Snail Goo Moisturiser

Elicina Europe have developed a cream that users claim it erases  fine lines and wrinkles and fade acne scars, it is made from 80% snail goo !

3. Bull Semen Hair treatment

London Salon owner Hari Salem has developed a product made with Aberdeen Angus bull semen and Ketare a protein rich plant root, the treatment cost £85 and the solution is left in the hair for 30 minutes, it is then rinsed and once dried the hair is left nourished and unbelievably shiny !

4. Bird Poo facial

Also at Hari’s Salon you could opt for the Bird Poo facial treatment which is a mixture of Nightingales poo and amino acids, it is said to brighten the skin and has been used in Japan for centuries.

The lengths some people will go!  very funny!

Dawn x


4 thoughts on “Unusual beauty treatments

  1. Well, as I’m fish-phobic I certainly haven’t tried the first one!! (yick!)

    The snail goo one however, my mum actually swears by and always gets me to buy a jar from Holland & Barrett whenever I fly out to see her. It’s not cheap but my mum is 62 and looks about 40 so maybe there’s something in it!

    I’m not even going to comment on 3 and 4. Methinks if that’s the price of beauty, I’d rather be ugly! 🙂

    Hilarious post x


    • dawn060861

      OMG Kat you use the snail goo! I had never heard of it, I had to bite my tongue and not comment on the Bull semen!

      x Dawn


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