What I did this weekend


I stayed at home this weekend and on Saturday I made a mini album for a lady who I talk to on one of the groups I belong to on the web, she had been trying for a baby for many years and had adopted a Girl and a Boy and then she became pregnant, she thought she had something seriously wrong and was overjoyed that she had become pregnant. Lexi Violet Lilly was born on the 10th of this month and she was just 5lb 4oz, she is perfect! here is the mini album I made for her.

I hope she like it.

I cooked Sunday lunch for my Son and his girlfriend and 2 girls and when they went home I did nothing ! I just lay on the sofa the TV was on but I could not tell you what was on as I was taking a nap.  Later I read some blogs and caught up on my e-mails/Facebook etc . I love lazy Sunday’s.

X Dawn


2 thoughts on “What I did this weekend

  1. deniseindevon

    i didnt like it dawn …………….i loved it!
    i have put it in lexi’s box to keep for her and i am very grateful xxx


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