What I have achieved this week


I have been suffering from craft room envy for a while and decided to turn my messy office/work room into a tidy organised space, it is still a work in progress and needs painting but I wanted to get everything in situ and decide where things were to go, I have a few more things to get but another trip to Ikea should do it. I have had a new desk and John put that up without using too many expletives and I decorated my pin board and put up a few hanging rails with pots and a basket to hold pes,scissors,glues and a some of the ribbons I am using the most.

Behind the sliding doors are two plastic sets of draws which hold stamps and inks,papers and card, templates and other its and pieces so I went through all of that and labeled each draw. I then sorted the shelvesย which have boxes of beads and gems and buttons and more ribbons , the ribbons have a new home in the form of large glass jars ( Ikea). I can close this off and no one can see this but it still needed to be organised. My room is getting there and should be finished this week.

My Pinboard before

My pinboard after ( it is not straight in this pic but is now)

Messy bench

New desk


New hanging rails ( will be getting more stuff for the wall)

Messy !

Tidy and labeled

Messy shelves

All tidy

It can all be shut away behind the sliding doors

I am pleased as now it is all neat and tidy I can find something I need so much quicker and will enjoy spending time in my new office/craft room.

Thanks for looking

x Dawn


One thought on “What I have achieved this week

  1. hollyjune

    Looks great Dawn! So tidy and organised. Now I want to get started on my work space but must focus on unitasking and finish my Google Reader first!


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