Friday 5 – Childhood TV Programmes


Oh I love this 5 , here are mine , this will show my age!

1. Watch with Mother – I loved this, it was the first real programme made for children, it was different  shows under the WWM umberella, you had Andy Pandy, The Wodden Tops, Bill and Ben etc, I loved watching them and never saw the strings…strings, what strings? I loved the innocence of them. They kept us entertained for hours, that was in the black and white TV days!

Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men  

2. Jackanory – I absolutely loved this, even as a young child I loved books, I get it from my Dad, I could read at quite an early age and I loved being read a story, I remember running home from school sitting in front of the TV and being transported into a different world by the brilliant stories being read, The stories were told by famous people and was a very highly rated TV programme. I used to beg my Mum to take me to the Library to get the same book that was being read. I was a member of the library and love the smell of the library even today, I could get 3 books out when I was about 6 or 7 and was allowed 6 when I was older. Jackanory made the stories come to life and I am sure got quite a few children into reading.

3.Blue Peter – I do not know anyone who did not watch Blue Peter, in my youth it was Valarie Singleton, Peter Purvis and John Noakes who presented the show, I loved the different articles and the makes and it was so exciting when they had animals in the studio! The dog Shep who was owned by John Noakes I think was a very famous sheep dog and used to get up to all sorts of mischief. I liked the fact that it was a show for children the presenters were not patronising and spoke to us on our level and is still as a hit now as it was then, some of the presenters went on to bigger things and some faded away never to be seen again. I think Biddy Baxter, the lady who created the show knew there was a niche in the market and filled it excellently.

Peter Purvis, Valerie Singleton and John Noakes

4. Grange Hill – we did get a color TV eventually by the way.

Grange Hill went on for years and covered topics such as drugs,bullying,racism and lasted a very long time, it grew with the times. I think the most famous characture in the shows history was Tucker played by Todd Carty and there was a spin-off series called Tucker’s luck. Todd went on to play Mark Fowler in East Ender’s. At school we all used to talk about what went on in the show,we copied the girls hairstyles and wanted to go to a school just like that,  my kids also watched it when they were growing up.

5. Top of the Pops – oh this programme was THE show to watch and it caused a lot of arguments in our house, I had a cassette recorder and used to make everyone sit in silence whilst I recorded every song from the tv speaker into my cassette recorder and my Sister used to deliberately cough or pretend to sneeze and I would have an almighty strop. I used to try to end the recording as soon as the music stopped but never quite manage it and would get Tony Blackburn on tape saying stuff like ” up to number 9 is the fantastic…” I used to get so mad! Jimmy Saville was one of the presenters in his flamboyant clothes and what we now refer to as bling! I wanted to ba a dancer in the audience so much and also used to copy the dancers on the show they were called Pan’s People ! if you see old footage they were really bad and the costumes were rubbish but not when you were 11 ! Donny , David Cassidy, Slade,Suzie Quatro to name but a few would mime ( no live performances in those days) to their latest hit record! I loved it!

I could go on and on as I loved TV when I was growing up.

Thanks for dropping by

x Dawn


3 thoughts on “Friday 5 – Childhood TV Programmes

  1. I love watching old TOTP footage – some of the costumes are hilarious! And I’ve seen a documentary or something about Pan’s People, they were brilliant!



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