My weekend


My weekend was not that exciting to be honest I was just pottering around the house. When I had managed to tear myself away from Facebook/Twitter and reading blogs I managed to sort out every picture on my memory stick and computer and put them into categories. I have to get a lot of them printed off as I would dread the thought of losing them. It took ages but at least that is done now. I also did some of John’s paperwork , I had been putting it off and I wanted it out of the way.

I took a picture of my nails! I have been treating them with nail envy and it is working! my nails look a lot better, they are not very long but they have improved no end

I then took a picture of my toe nails which need serious work! ….I must have been so bored!

I like the colour on my nails and my feet are tanned but the nail polish has grown out and needs a serious work!

I did not cook Sunday lunch and really missed it, John was doing some jobs on the house so we had brunch instead.

I went into my workroom to make a few cards and got so frustrated becuase I could not find some things I needed and  decided to re organise my office/workroom. John went to Ikea and got me a new office desk as I am using a temporary desk  at the moment.  I started to empty some of my files , have you ever started a project and wished you hadn’t ? It always looks worse before it looks better right?

I want a workroom like this

or this

look how tidy it is

Mine is a mess and will post the before and after as soon as I have finished .It could take a while.I am lucky enough to have a spare room, it was the smallest bedroom in the house and does have a lot of storage but I have not organised it properly and can never find anything.

I look forward to posting the pictures of my re organised room.

x Dawn


4 thoughts on “My weekend

  1. You’re right, that craft room looks amazing!!!!! Never thought I’d have craft room envy but I do now 🙂

    I also love the purple polish!


  2. dawn060861

    Thanks Kat : ) I am still slogging away and no way will my room look anything like that…!
    x Dawn


  3. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    I hadn’t read it properly and thought the first pic was your room – I was very impressed – until I realised!!!!!


  4. dawn060861

    I wish Caroline, how lovely is that craft room……
    mine won’t be half as nice but I am trying to be a lot more organised, should have worked on it last night but My Dad was taken into hospital, he is ok now, John has to put my new desk up tonight so I am staying well out of his way, all I will here is **** and **** and stupid Ikea furniture what a load of **** LOL

    Dawn x


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