Friday 5 – favourite things about Summer



Here are my favourite 5 things I love about Summer


  Summer is my Grandaughter’s name and there are a trillion things I love about her but I do not think that this Friday 5 is about. Here are my 5

1. Light nights , you can sit in the garden with drinks well into the night

2. Walks along the beach, the sun on your face and the smell of the sea makes me feel good

3. Holidays abroad, lying on a sun lounger in the day reading and enjoying a cool drink or a dip in the pool and then after a siesta getting all dressed up for a meal out and cocktails later and then a nice stroll, a night cap and then a good night’s sleep and of course not forgetting  the room service breakfast !

4. My Grandchildren splashing around in the paddling pool, the giggles and screams and laughter makes me smile

5. John cooking on the barbecue, he never cooks but once the sun comes out the barbecue is lit and he is away, he even cleans up afterwards too.

 Dawn x


2 thoughts on “Friday 5 – favourite things about Summer

  1. hollyjune

    Awww your granddaughter is gorgeous – what a cutie! Seems like we all love many of the same things about summer!


  2. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    Love the one about the grandchildren. And we all like lots of the same things about summer, Holly’s right.


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