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I am sad, we had to put our caravan away for the main season as we are on a part season pitch the full season pitch price is very high and the site is just too busy. We spent Saturday in Dartmouth and we had a lovely day, we drove to Dartmouth and parked near the old railway station and it is like stepping back in time, it has the old ticket office and the signs have not changed and you can imagine it in the 40’s when all the women were waving their men off to war!   We then went over to Dartmouth on the ferry as foot passengers, it takes just minutes.We had a wander around the shops lots of which are independent stores, craft stores and galleries, I love the home decor stores and spent quite a while browsing, John knows what I am like and he is rewarded with a nice pint at the end of the day so he does not mind. We went to lunch at the Royal Castle Hotel, John had the catch of the day and I chose the lamb Tagine with cous cous and roasted veg and it was scrummy, the lamb melted in the mouth and the spicy sauce was to die for, the sweetness of the apricots was just right, the cous cous was speckled with mediterranean veg, it was washed down with a crisp Chardonnay. we decided not to have dessert as we were going to got some real Devonshire ice cream and have a walk around the harbour, there was musicians playing in the bandstand and it was very nice weather, a perfect end to a perfect day in Dartmouth.

 Dartmouth Harbour

Royal Castle Hotel where we had lunch


My favourite type of shop , I loved the window display

I love beach themed home decor and would love a beach cottage

We came back home and I have been babysitting my Grandaughter Emily who is four and real live wire, she knows what she likes and how she likes it, she has taken a liking to baked potatoes with butter and grated cheese, it has to be mashed in and fluffy and creamy, she does not like the skin but devours the mash. We have been drawing and card making and having fun.

Emily trying on my sun hat.

Emily the princess of giggles

It was John’s birthday yesterday so we went to a new Cosmo that has opened up nearby, it is a pan Asian style buffet restaurant and I have to say it was lovely, there was a wide variety of dishes from all over Asia we sampled quite a few, my favourite was the Thai green curry, John does not like coconut in savoury dishes so he decided to give that one a miss and had anything with prawns, tempora,in spices and in curry, he loves prawns,the place was so busy as it was new but we booked in advance and I am glad we did as some people were waiting 45 minutes for a table.We left there stuffed.We are planning a return soon.

I have to do a menu plan today as I am food shopping tonight, I like to be organised and have the stuff I need for the meals I want to cook as I hate having to run to the supermarket every five minutes like I used to do. I find my inspiration here watch the Food network all the time, I like to try a few new dishes every month. I need inspiration as it is so easy to fall into that rut and cook the same meals week in week out. John is my Guinea pig, he hardly every dislikes what I cook, he say’s I am a good cook  but then again is he just being  clever , you know, never bite that hand that feeds you and all that!

 Hope you come back soon, Dawn x


2 thoughts on “Devon/food and other stuff

  1. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    I LOVE that shop – last time I was in there I couldn’t resist some Cath Kidston spotty and stripy mugs. I could quite easily have bought everything in the shop! Clever reflection of yourself taking the pic in the glass as well. Just catching up on all my blog reading – goodness, there’s so much, even though I read quite a lot while I was away. x


  2. dawn060861

    Well Caroline I was not supposed to be in that shot and was not going to include it but it was the only decent shot of the shop. The only trouble when I go into a shop like that is I want everthing! I got a block that says cherish the simple things in life it is on my bathroom shelf, I will take a pic and put it in a blog.Thanks for commenting.
    x Dawn


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