Organising my blog



My blog is going to change for the better and am starting the new posts from Monday, I have decided to do the following.

Monday – Weekend news

Tuesday – Crafting/hobbies

Wednesday – Cooking/food/eating out/anything food related

Thursday – Shopping/bargains

Friday – Friday 5

Saturday – Things I have achieved this week

Sunday – general chat and rants

I want to write interesting posts and make more use of my camera too. I am not much of a photographer and have some pictures I need to sort out on the computer, I have them on a memory stick but want to download them to disc.

Today I have sent e-mails and letters I should have sent this week and caught up on reading my e-mails and blogs, I am food shopping and popping to see my parents later, we are in Devon this weekend and are going to Dartmouth on Saturday so I just hope the weather is nice.

It is John’s Birthday on Tuesday and are we are going to pan Asian restaurant that has opened nearby so I hope it is enjoyable.

Dawn x


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