Friday 5 – sandwich fillings


I love food and love sandwiches and there are lots of different filling for different moods . I have picked just 5 and it was soooo tricky!

1. Walkers cheese and onion crisps on white bread and butter – I know!!!! I used to go home sometimes for school lunch and this was my all time favourite , I still have it today sometimes if I am in a hurry , it is a yummy sandwich.

2. Sliced granary spread with Heinz caramalised onion mayo, sliced chicken breast, stuffing and a dollop of cranberry sauce – HEAVEN

3. BLT, a classic and one of my all time favourites, the crispy bacon ans fresh lettuce and sweet tomatoes  – YUM

4. Ciabatta toasted spread with a little mayo mixed with pesto slices of mozzarella, thinly sliced tomato and a little shredded basil – I love this for a picnic

5. Thick granary filled with creamy goats cheese, roasted red onion and peppers drizzled with a little olive oil – So tasty

I could go on forever….

Dawn x


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