Tuesday catch up


I thought I would write about what has been going on with me and there are a few photo’s thrown in too 

 Nails – I have to firstly show you how my nails are coming along, I have been using OPI Nail Envy for two weeks and here are the results so far, I have to say I am very impressed, god my hands look wrinkly ! My nails are much stronger and less flaky now and would recommend you try it if you have problem nails. 

excuse the crappy picture but as you can see my nails are not very nice to look at. 

Week 2 , my nails are growing ! 

Devon – We had a great weekend and did nothing but sit outside our caravan and I made chicken and chorizo skewers and cooked them on the BBQ they were very nice. We had the most glorious weather and did not want to come home. 

I spent the weekend in this 


GP – I went to my GP on Monday and was told he could not refer me for a mammogram until he had evidence that I needed one a year early! so the Genetic clinic are going to contact him and give him the information to prove I need a mammogram now, in fact I should have had one when I was 40! 

Cards – I have been making some easel cards and here are the results, I am quite  pleased with them. 



I made this cinema themed card for my friend’s Daughter Grace who loves going to the cinema, I hope she likes is, I love the vintage style tickets. 


I made this card for my friend the pale green,lemon and blue are very pretty. 

My all time favourite blog – I LOVE this blog, take a look, if you do go on the before and after pictures and see what this clever lady did with an old beach cottage, amazing. I want to live in her home! 



 X Dawn 


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