Friday 5 – girl crushes


This is a fun 5 here are mine.

1. Suzie Quatro, I was totally and utterly in ore of Suzie when I was growing up , she wore an amazing leather jumpsuit and I loved her songs, I did actually think I could sing like her and had my hair cut like her too ( blush)

 Suzie Q

2. Debbie Harry ( Blondie) when I was in my teens I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and I loved her songs and still do.

Debbie Harry

3. Wonder woman! he he he   she was so pretty

Wonder woman

4. Sally James, Saturday mornings TISWAS was on and I was glued to it, Sally James had that shaggy hair style which I also copied.

Sally James

5. Nigella Lawson is my all time favourite she is a real woman, greedy just like me, she is voluptuous and funny and I love her he he he

Nigella Lawson

There are mine I look forward to reading yours!

X Dawn


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