Terrified…..but it has to be done


My Sister is 2 years younger than me she will be 47 this year, when she was 42 she felt a tiny lump in her breast and went to the doctor he said it was probably nothing but just be sure sent her for a mammogram and the results were shocking, she had numerous tumors deep in her breast and they would have never been detected if she had not had her mammogram, she had surgery within the week to remove the breast and numerous lymph nodes from under her arm. She had Chemo which was awful, she was so very sick and lost all her body hair, even her eye lashes, she had moth ulcers and other nasty side effects, she then had radiotherapy every day for 3 weeks and she was so sore she had weeping skin and it was so awful, she then had her ovaries removed after a year and will be on medication for years, she was asked to part of a trial to help improve treatment and prevention and she agreed. She had to see a genetic specialist who went deep into our family medical history and she had bloods and DNA testing etc and the results are  that the genetic specialists agrees that he is 99% sure that the cancer gene is present in the paternal side of the family, my Dad’s 3 Sisters all died as result of breast cancer and 2 were under 50, the middle Sister had a very aggressive breast cancer and was not detected until it was too late. I have to go and have a mammogram and be under the same specialist as my Sister and her Daughter has to have tests and so does her Son. I am 49 and should have been offered a mammogram at 40 because of the family history, so what if I have had anything nasty for years and am a walking time bomb? I am terrified to be honest but I know I have to go and get it done and if I am clear well that is great and of not then I will have a mastectomy and treatment and hopefully will be given the all clear.

I have never felt a lump in my breast but then again my Aunt never either and she had it in both her breasts. I have to be positive and until I get the results then there is not a lot I can do.

.I love my brave brave Sister and she is my inspiration, she smiled even when her hair fell out, she had raw skin from the radiotherapy and said this bad but I am alive and she named her chicken fillet false boob Betty and laughed about everything. She cried too and we all cried with her.

Ladies please check your breasts and if there is a history of breast cancer in your family demand a mammogram, I am having one 9 years later than I should and am angry about that but am now at least being checked out.Live your life to the full and make the most of every day

x Dawn


4 thoughts on “Terrified…..but it has to be done

  1. Oh Dawn, I’m so sorry that your sister had to go through that and I’m sorry to hear about your sad family history. I’m glad your sister fought it well and found the strength to laugh about it.

    I’ll have everything crossed for you. Like you say, at least you’re getting it checked out.

    Big hugs,


  2. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    I will keep everything crossed, Dawn. You’re right, it’s a very scary thought. I’ve been to the docs this week because I have two moles that have changed. But they’re OK. I’m sure you will be too, and I will keep everything crossed. xx


  3. dawn060861

    Thanks for the nice comments, John has two moles on his back and they look like they have gone darker and one seems to be going drier I have told him he has to go to the doctors asap, he shrugs it off but it can be so dangerous, thank goodnesss yours are ok Caroline.
    I will keep you posted, I am seeing my GP Monday to get the ball rolling, thank god for Genetic testing !
    Dawn x


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