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Every year I say I am  not watching Big Brother and every year I do, I apologise if you have not got the foggiest about what I am talking about. Shabby is driving me up the wall! she is a nasty girl and I can’t wait for her to go, she has the others Ify and the irish girl, whose name I can’t remember now, I do know it is nothing like it is spelt, following her round like little lost sheep!  Steve the ex serviceman who was very badly injured in Northern Ireland at the age of 19 is an inspiration, he has not legs, one eye and half his arm missing but I have never heard him complain once, the brave man! one thing though I wish he would wear his false eye that looks like an eye not the black one that gives me the willies. Mario , oh Mario he is smitten with Ben who admitted he “dabbled” with other boys at school, Mario won’t leave Ben alone he strokes him, touches him all the time I feel sorry for him but it is quite clear Ben is not interested!

Twitter, I love Twitter and I love reading everyone’s tweets, Davina is so funny as is Philip Scofield, I follow loads of people and I think it is because I am so nosey! I admit it I am!

Davina tweets every second during Big Brother , I actually had a reply from Jamie Oliver when I tweeted him about a recipe, I love Gok Wan and his very amusing tweets and Kirsty and Phil from location are pretty funny too. does this make me a stalker I wonder?

I have been card making this week on and off as I want to get all the family cards finished for the year , I have been going through all my beautiful papers and putting colours together and trying to find ribbons and brads to match, I think I need a trip to the craft shop !

 We are in Devon this weekend and hope to spend it relaxing in the sunshine and maybe a walk down by the sea, we are stocking up on food and drink before we go so we don’t have to go anywhere, I am making chicken and chorizo skewers for the BBQ for Saturday and have not yet decided what we will have Sunday I am looking on the internet for some ideas. I prepare everything and John cooks it, well I say cook, he turns things over! as long as he keeps my glass topped up with some nice chilled white Zynfandel I do not care.

I have been very impressed with the OPI nail envy I have been using I have seen and felt a marked improvement int he strength and texture of my nails, I have also been using cuticle oil every night and it is now part of my routine, I remove my make up, put my night cream on, apply my OPI and massage the oil into my cuticle’s and I finish with hand and nail cream, I use a lot of Botanics as I have had no problem with the products, I have sensitive skin and can get reactions very easily so have to be very careful. The Botanics hand and nail cream is a light cream that is easily absorbed into the skin and does not leave a greasy residue which is one thing that puts me off using hand cream.

I am just going to do a bit of tidying and then I am going to sit in the sunshine with my book, I have a floppy hat to wear as my scalp get easily burnt and it also keeps the sun off my face.Joining me in the garden will be Alfie my Cavalier he was 3 yesterday, he is a good boy and is my shadow he comes everywhere with us and often comes in the lorry with us if John has a long run.  He stays with my Parents when we go away,they lost their dog years ago and would not have another but my Dad enjoys going on long walks with Alfie as that is one thing he misses.

Alfie in the lorry on the way to Wales, he is so handsome, my fur baby.

I have been trying to eat healthier and get more exercise, I have lost 16lb so far and have a lot more to lose but the exercise thing is a big no-no, I do not work and have no children at home even though I do look after Grandchildren now and then and volunteer as a fundraiser for a Down syndrome support group, so why can’t I seem to do any exercise. I do not drive and the nearest baths is a distance away but they have evening swimming and aqua fit classes so I could attend then as John could take me, I have a Pilates machine and a mini trampoline sitting gathering dust in the spare room and I have legs! I am just so very lazy when it comes to exercise, I get bored so easily and could never join a gym, I do like the Pilates but need a swift kick up the bum to get on the dam thing. I have an electrical ab toner that has seen the light of day at least 4 times in 2 years and all you have to do is put it around your waist and turn it on!

I want to and need to lose weight lower my blood pressure and be healthy so why does exercise not come naturally to me, when I was at school I was int he swimming team and hockey team , I played badminton and rounders and never stood still, so what happened to that sporty fit girl, she is hidden inside this chubby lazy person and is struggling to get out! My friends all work during the day and the ones that don’t have kids so I have t go swimming or a class on my own which is no fun as everyone seems to go with someone and I feel the odd one out. I do not feel comfortable walking on my own so have to wait for John to come home from work and the thought of dragging myself off the sofa after dinner just too much! see lazy!  I have to sort this out.  I am 50 next year and we are going away for a lovely 2 weeks in a 5 star hotel in Tenerife and I want to be able to enjoy the pool and getting all dressed up for dinner etc and I want to be thinner and fitter too. I am not going to feel sorry for myself after all it is my fault I am going to be positive and get up and do something about it, I want to go shopping for a whole wardrobe of new clothes and feel good about myself. I will do it I know I can and only me.

x Dawn


2 thoughts on “BB,Twitter,nails,weight and other stuff

  1. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    If you find the answer to the weight/exercise thing, tell me too, would you? I have zero incentive at the moment – just hopeless. Going to a ball on Saturday night, and neither of the two dresses I used to feel so good in fit me any more, so fed up. x


  2. dawn060861

    I know that feeling, What is wrong with us? we know what we have to do so why aren’t we just doing it?, well I do hope you find something nice for the ball Caroline and have a great time x


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