Friday five – favourite smells


Again this is so hard and I have not included perfumes in my list because I have so many favourites. So here are my five:

1. New baby smell –  I do not know what it is but that new baby smell is just wonderful

2. Fresh bedding – straight from the washing line , clean cotton there is nothing like it even though I have Yankee Candles clean cotton candles and plug in’s all over my house.

3. Bacon cooking! I could never be a veggie ( I was one for about 3 months) because I love bacon buttie’s !  ohhhh that smell!!

4. Candy floss, I can’t eat it now as it is far too sweet for me but the smell of it being made takes me back to my childhood, the fluffy sugary smell mmm

5. The library ( and when this was on sex and the city I nearly died, this is mine !!!! ) I love walking into a library and love the smell, I loved going to the library every week with my Dad , there is something about the book smell, I wanted to work in a library when I was about 10 , now I hate the musty smell of the used book shop  that you walk in and walk out of because it stinks, it has to be the library!

X Dawn


One thought on “Friday five – favourite smells

  1. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    Haha, I had babies too!! And I nearly had bacon, but decided on onions!! Great minds, and all that!


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