Chit chat and a rant thrown in for good measure.


Weather – I have been so down and I think it is the weather, it is supposed to be Summer and I have been freezing cold and even had the heating on a few times, I remember when I was growing up we had proper seasons, we knew we were going to spend our Summer break playing in the sunshine, going on picnics and day trips to the sea-side. We knew our week-long holiday would be spent making sand castles and eating our ice creams on the beach. I love Summer weather it makes us all feel a lot better and it certainly seems to give me more energy, I am a Leo and I thrive in the sunshine. Now don’t get me wrong , I am all for looking out of the window and seeing the crisp white snow whilst I am snuggled up on the sofa under my favourite throw and sipping hot chocolate , yes in December!  or putting your wellies on and splashing in the rain puddles with the Grandchildren in April,but I long for some sunshine, as I am sure many of us do. We spend most of our weekends in Glorious South Devon and like nothing more than parking the car, going for lovely beach walks and having a picnic or going to Dartmouth as foot passengers on the ferry and wandering around the town and having lunch sitting outside , or just relaxing outside our caravan watching the world go by . I have checked the weekend forecast and it says cloudy with the odd shower, they say the odd shower but last time we were down there we were in Sidmouth and we had a downpour. I always take my umbrella but how lovely would it be to never have to take it out of my bag once? I am keeping everything crossed.

My nails – I have been having a battle with my nails ever since I stopped having acrylic nails, what a pain, they ruined my natural nail and I have tried loads of stuff but they were either too bendy or too brittle but I have after years of seeing it on QVC got some OPI Nail envy and I am amazed how much stronger my nails are, I have very short nails and dry cuticles but they seem to be growing and I have been using cuticle oil every night. You put a coat of nail envy on for the first two days then every other day after a week you remove it and start all over again, it dries clear so you can wear it for work if you are not allowed coloured nails. I have seen and felt results in the first week and I am so pleased, I have always wanted nice nails, not really long ones but nice nails that I can paint and be proud of, My Sister has always had nice nails and even when she had Chemo her nails remained strong. I started using false nails when I was at school and then when acrylics came on the scene I had them so my nails have had a lot of abuse and the cuticle area only every got treated when I had the acrylics done. I do hope they continue to grow and get stronger and healthier I am sure they will as Nail Envy will be the product I am never going to stop using.

OPI Nail Envy from QVC

Virgin mobile – I am so bloody angry at Virgin Mobile, I have a Blackberry , which I love and it is on a monthly contract with Virgin, it has been fine up to now but Friday my phone would not work and a message saying emergency calls only came up, I rang the help line ( not free) and was asked to do several things to the phone and they talked me trough what to do but nothing they suggested worked, they passed me onto the technical team and they had all the details and said they would look into it and call me back on Saturday morning, I got no call back so Saturday at about 5pm I called and was told they work till 7pm but were very busy they would definitely call me back on Sunday, no call so I rang again and said it was past a joke and I needed my phone what were they going to do about it, I also said I want a reduction in  my bill as I have had no phone since friday , I was told that Virgin had a major problem in another area and were very busy taking calls and sorting that out which is the reason for the delay, I rang again yesterday and the lady said e mails have been sent requesting they call me back at the latest Wednesday as a matter of urgency, I said look I know it is not your fault you just take the calls so please put me through to the people who were supposed to call me back  and I was told she can’t as they only communicate through e-mail with them. I said I need a phone i am in devon over the weekend and It is the only form of communication I have with my kids etc and if there is an emergency what am I supposed to do? so If they do not phone by Wednesday what the heck am I supposed to do, I am not happy with the service but can’t cancel my contract because I will be charge for doing so grrrrrr, so Virgin Mobile I am waiting for that call!

Food – menu planning I always plan my meals for the week ahead I am not one of those people who have chicken  Monday , chops on  Tuesday and fish on Friday but I do like to decide what we are having during the week and write a shopping list so I do not have to wonder what we are having for dinner on Wednesday at 4pm! I like to stock up on the basics and I always like to try a new recipe a few days a month. I get out my cookbooks or go online for new ideas.I am not a great fish lover and anything too strong a fish taste I can’t handle. I do not eat offal yet love pate I do not  think about what is in it and I buy it as I could not deal with having to cook liver! John likes liver and bacon with mash but I buy that from M&S I just have to re heat it .

I am looking for some Greek lamb recipes to try, we love lamb but usually cook it with garlic and Rosemary but want to try something new,I have seen some lovely dishes on TV, I have not got a Tagine but will use my slow cooker which I seem to be addicted to at the moment, I cooked a joint of beef in it yesterday with carrots, onions,garlic and a splash of red wine along with the stock and I added potatoes about an hour before the end and the meat just melted in the mouth it was lovely and all day the kitchen smelt amazing!

This weekend we are in Devon and if it does not rain on Saturday I am cooking chicken and chorizo skewers on a bed of grilled peppers,mushrooms and onions with salad and new potatoes, I will make the skewers on Friday before we drive down and then it is just a matter of cooking them, if it does rain I have  a griddle pan in the caravan so will cook on that,Sunday we will have lamb steaks cooked on the BBQ, fingers crossed!  with veggie parcels and corn on the cob.  I have meals in the freezer for during the week when we come back, I have a cottage pie I double up and made two last week, I have hot-pot I made yesterday and a chilli I made last week too so I do not have much cooking to do next week. I love food shopping when I am organised but hate it when I wander round not really knowing what to buy and what to cook. I love my lists and I never go shopping without a list partly being organised and partly because I would never remember half of what I went for.

I am off to write that shopping list.

x Dawn


One thought on “Chit chat and a rant thrown in for good measure.

  1. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    I hate my nails, they sound very similar to yours, so perhaps I should invest in some OPI Nail Envy.
    Funnily enough I’m trying a Greek style lamb recipe later this week (cheesy lamb stuffed aubergines), I’ll let you know if it’s any good.x


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