Friday Five – Best present ever.


Oh this is so hard because over the years I have had some lovely gifts but here are mine:the pictures are from the web,most of mine are from my childhood, my Mum and Dad never had any money when we were growing up and we had to wait for special occasions for presents as many of the kids in the 60’s/70’s did so the things we got were so precious to us.

1. A chopper bike, when I was 10 my parents gave me a chopper bike for Christmas, it was the best gift because I had been asking them since they came out and did not get one for my Birthday in the August, my Parent were not very wealthy and I thought I would not get one, I was so surprised when it was there Christmas morning!it was shiny and red and perfect, I had the time of my life whizzing up and down the street, I felt soooo cool!

2. A Space Hopper! I could not wait to get on mine, it took my Dad ages to blow it up, it was for my Birthday I must have been 8/9 years old, all my friends had them and we set up a “Pony club” for our hoppers we had a meeting room ( our shed) and we made jumps out of paint cans and planks, we made paper rosettes and everything! ( none of us could afford a horse! ) I loved mine and called her Bess LOL …..I am laughing at what the hell we looked like bouncing around our garden on our orange ponies!!!!!

3. A record player, for my 15th Birthday I had my very own record player! it was in a case and I locked my self in my room playing my Donny and David Cassidy Records, I had a little box and used to keep all my records in alphabetical order, not that I had that many. I could have friends round to listen to the current heart-throb and sing into my hairbrush! LOL

4. My first pair of platform shoes they were very much like the ones in the picture but mine were black, I had them for Christmas when I was about 14/15 I thought I looked the bees knees in them I wore them everywhere, a group of us girls used to walk into the youth club in our platform shoes and bell bottom trousers we thought every boy in the room fancied us and we were the IT girls in our shoes ! they were so hard to walk in and I am amazed just how far we did manage to walk in them, we wore them to school but got told off and were punished and made to wear out PE pumps ( the shame) lol.

5. Another blast from the past , my vanity case, it was purple and I took it everywhere, to school to my friend’s house, it kept all my make up in there, my shiny blue eye shadow, my white eyeshadow my pink lip gloss that was in a roller ball type bottle and my secret diary complete with padlock, it had all the names of the boys I fancied hidden in there, it was full of things like, Mark smiled at me in maths today, I caught Jamie looking at my bum in PE ! LOL OMG those were the days, In the end my vanity case had that many Dawn Loves Donny or Dawn Loves the Bay City Rollers scrawled onto it I decided it was far to scruffy to use and kept it on top of my wardrobe.

Mine was purple.

I wish I could have 5 more but these are the gifts I treasured the most at the time.

I hope you enjoyed my blog

Dawn X


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