Devon this weekend


We are spending the weekend in our caravan in Devon where it is sighted on a part seasonal pitch, we love it, it is a place called Dawlish a pretty little seaside town not far from Exeter. it is a base for us and we travel all over Devon taking in the glorious countryside.

Our caravan site

Dawlish 5 minutes from where are caravan is sited.

This weekend we do hope it is nice as we are visiting Sidmouth another seaside town


We will go for a nice walk have a look in some of the little shops and have a little treat, a nice cream tea

we do not indulge all the time but once in a while we treat ourselves.

Britain’s Got Talent – did you watch? I loved Tina and Chandi the dancing dog she is amazing and so is her owner, Chandi was a rescue dog and you can tell she loves Tina, they got

 through to the Semi final, well done!

The acrobatic group Spellbound were also amazing and they also got through, I think they could win the show.

Spellbound….utterly amazing.

I am looking forward to tonight’s show to see who gets through. I wonder what dress Amanda will be wearing she did look fab, she is on Twitter and she is so funny she Twitters between breaks about what is going on backstage etc. I am on twitter too dawn060861 so come and join me! I did not get it at first and thought it was boring but since following loads of people I am addicted !

Be back soon Dawn x


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