Food I made yesterday


Morning , I am up so early this morning as John had a job at 6 so he was pottering about at 5am and woke me up I could not go back to sleep so decided to get coffee and just happened to pass my netbook and here I am.

I was in a domestic goddess type of mood yesterday and was on a mission to make a nice evening meal for the two of us, as we are having a BBQ on Sunday I thought I would do a roast so we would not feel deprived.

I made Roast Chicken Jamie style stuffed with lemon, garlic and thyme, and a butter flavoured with the same put under the skin , this is my absolute favourite way to cook chicken.

To go with the chicken I made potatoes Dauphinoise, naughty but oh so nice.

From this

To this, so tasty. I made a huge dish full and put 2 portions into the freezer, I did this as soon as the dish cooled down otherwise I would be picking all night.

I also did this.

Cooked frozen fruit with water and vanilla extract and drained

Filled the moulds with bread

added the fruit and cooking juices and weighted them down in the fridge

And it turned out like this, Summer Pudding , it was a lot redder than in the photograph, John loves Summer Pudding, I love the tartness of the fruit it was a hit. I love desserts and make quite a few but the one thing I hate to make , because it never turns out right, is pastry, if I make a pie with homemade pastry the top crust looks an tastes nice but the bottom is always soggy. I was thrilled when I saw Nigella cook a chicken pot pie, chicken and veg and herbs etc in a dish and a shop bought pastry top, no soggy bottom! I made one and it was a huge success.

I love chocolate…no? …the darker the better and I make a mean chocolate mousse , I am also fond of home-made ice cream although I have not made any for ages as my cheap and cheerful ice cream maker bit the dust last year and I have not replaced it. I was looking for a replacement, I would love a posh one like this but it is £275 !

I will not be getting that one so here is the one I may get and it is only £37

The only thing with this one is you have to put the inner bowl in the freezer for 12 hours before you want to make the ice cream so you do need to plan ahead. My old one that I had from QVC years ago lasted ages it was like the one above and it came with a recipe book for some delicious ice creams and frozen yogurt too.

We are having steak tonight with baked potatoes and salad so not much prep to do. John will be cooking the BBQ food as he always does, he never ever cooks indoors! he says he can’t but he just won’t , last year I was teaching him some of the stuff he liked so god forbid I was ill or died he would not starve or eat takeaways for the next ten years. So together we made a curry ( sauce from a jar.. easy) a chilli ( sauce from a packet..easy) and that was that, he gave up, he said that he knew you could brown meat put sauce over it and put it in the oven and you got a meal and that he could make a bacon butty so he wouldn’t starve…I give up! I taught all 3 boys to cook when they were growing up. my eldest and youngest cook, my eldest is a very good cook and does a lot of cooking for the family, he cooks from scratch. My youngest cooks basic stuff  but can produce a decent roast dinner, my middle one sadly takes after his father and would live on and has done, pizza,burgers and beer forever, he was not into cooking at all and although he loves to eat he will never be the next Jamie Oliver! he lives with his girlfriend and she cooks for him. sad but true, I have been cooking for John for 28 years, it is a good job I love cooking ( and eating) .

I am off breakfast for one this morning, Crunchy Nut Corn flakes here I come!

x Dawn


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