Friday 5…favourite Cities


Well this is a hard 5 for me as I am not a good traveller and Tenerife which is just over 4 hours flight is the longest I have flown and have not been to too many far away places, although I am getting better and am plucking the courage up to go to New York,  I have used pics from the web sorry.

1.Birmingham..I shop here and eat here and it about 40 minutes away by the Tram which is called the Metro, it is a big city and has the famous Bull Ring shopping Centre and the Mail box which has Harvey Nichols and other designer stores and Nicky Clarke Hair Salon, it has a cosmopolitan feel and has cafe’s and bars and is in a waterside location.

2.Liverpool. I visited Liverpool in 1983 with my friend and my baby Son, we were visiting her Sister who was a nurse in the city hospital. We went shopping and had a nice day out, I have not been back there since though.

3. Paris, we toured France in 1999 and took the kids to Euro Disney, we had great fun and Paris was amazing it is such a romantic City, we did not get the chance to have too much of a look around but what we saw we loved, we also got lost and took a wrong turning and ended up driving around Charles de Gaulle airport for nearly 40 mins we had to ask 3 non-English speakers the way out it was so funny, my Husband did not think it was!

4. Brugge. John and I went by tunnel to Calais and then drove from there to Ostend and Brugge, I loved Brugge, I liked the square  where we sat and had coffee , I loved the pretty little chocolate shops and the cobbled streets, although I did scratch the heels on new boots walking on the cobbles, nice to look at not nice to walk on, we went in November and we saw the Christmas decorations and gifts in all of the shops, we have been back 3 times , we love it.

5.  I struggled with this as we have only ever been to France, Belgium,Holland,Benidorm,Menorca,cyprus and Teneriffe so I am going to say New York is my number 5, it is a place I am longing to go and next year for my 50th Birthday It is where I want to go , to travel in a yellow taxi and shop in Bloomingdale’s and Macey’s and go to Serendipity and see the Empire State Building and all the other tourist things and I just hope I can gather the courage to go .



5 thoughts on “Friday 5…favourite Cities

  1. hollyjune

    Great to see some UK cities on these lists! We sure do have a lot of gems in this country although I’ve still never made it to liverpool or Birmingham – one day!

    Would love to visit Bruge and I know what you mean about cobbled streets, I live on one!


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