Today I ….


Today I got up early and had a few things to do but made the mistake ( the same mistake I do most days) of picking up the lap top with my coffee! an hour later I thought I would get stuff done so I :

Polished and vacumed the stairs and landing

Did 3 loads of washing before the repair man came to fix washer ( it does not spin too well)

Made a chilli from scratch ( not hard) and realised I had no marjoram, the recipe I was using is from the Good Food website and calls for it but thought it would not really miss 1 tsp and I have tasted it and it is yum, it is in the slow cooker now.

Looked for bedding and curtains for my bedroom on the web

Put some washing away

Made John lunch as he was at home for lunch today

Had lunch

Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher

Played outside with Alfie my dog

Wrapped a few presents as it my Grandaughter Grace’s 2nd Birthday tomorrow

Sat and had coffee whilst my washer was being repaired and now the best part of today….back on the laptop reading blogs, face book and e-baying.

The weather here in the Midlands has been overcast today and at one point I thought it would rain , it has not yet but I think we are in for a shower later. My strawberry plants have lots of flowers and when those berries make an appearance it will be a race to see who gets the biggest ones me or my Grandchildren! I have a single tomato plant that is also flourishing and my herb tub is growing nicely, when the herbs are ready if I do not use them all I will freeze some as I hate waste.

We are at home this weekend and hope it is nice as we are planning Sunday lunch will be a BBQ I am not holding my breath and we will have a BBQ even if we have to cook it in the rain !

I have to decide what to cook so as I can make a list, I am a list person and have to do a shopping list or I know I will forget something , we do a big shop once a week I plan the meals for the week, and then make  a few trips during the week for fresh bread and if we run out of stuff, we have a few supermarkets in the area so that is not a problem .

My life sound so dull!

I am sitting in the living room typing this and have a vanilla candle burning it smells like ice cream , you know the clotted cream Cornish ice cream you get in tubs, it has made me want one now! well I will have to wait until we go shopping as all I have in the freezer are a few mini milk and a twister!

I had better go and stir the chilli.

Dawn x


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