Rudolph Day today


I am a member of a group called Organised Christmas Elves it is a fun group and is not just about Christmas it is about other celebrations, organising your home,cooking,shopping,a bargain board,swaps and a forum for gossip etc, the 25th of every month we call Rudolph day and we try to do something Christmas related ie. write your gift list,card list,look for ideas for gifts , start your Christmas notebook etc.and as the day gets nearer do really Christmassy stuff,  so my Rudolph day task was to sort out the fitted cupboard in the spare room as this will be my gift closet, I have some big plastic boxes which I will keep the gifts I have bought in.

I know it seems early but the year goes by so fast and I like to be organised. If you would like to find out more than feel free to visit

I have been looking at the Studio website as they have some great organising ideas and have already got a tree bag and a gift wrap organiser, I want some kind of organiser for my decorations and have found the perfect thing and also a storage bag for my Christmas wreath.

Wrapping paper storage bag

Gift wrap bag only £7.99

Wreath storage bag

Wreath storage bag only £3.99

Bauble storage

Bauble storage for those special ornaments £9.99

I have the gift wrap bag and find it great to keep all my stuff in one place.

You can also get a tree bag if you have an artificial tree, we do and it is in the bag up in the loft.

Tree Storage Bag Product Image

Mine is green but this one in red is just £4.99

These bags are great everything has a place and the items will be safe and dust free even if stored in the loft.

 Happy Rudolph Day x Dawn


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