£20 bootsale challange


I set myself a challange this weekend to see how much stuff I could get for £20 at the bootsale, I am listing all the items on e-bay 2 items are on the washing line a Bambini all in one baby parm suit and a Tommy Hillfigger jacket, the Jacket was 50p amazing and I paid £2 for the bambini suit, I got 2 pairs of next boys shorts they were £1 each and a pair of boys Salt rock shorts also £1, a Per una top for just £1 and a BNWT Dorothy Perkins skirt just £1 .l got a designer ladies Jacket by Mila Paoli for £2 , a John rocha ladies top for 50p, a GAP boys rugby shirt for 50p, a boys denim jacket 50p next ladies top £1 a baby girls coat 50p a disney 101 dalamtion backpack BNWT 50p a pineapple dance studio jacket £2, a boys next t shirt £1 and a couple of other tops at 50p, I did well, I hope they sell : )

Just a few of the goodies I picked up on Sunday and are all destined for e-bay

Back soon Dawn


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